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Get Ready to Get Tangled

Get Ready to Get Tangled

Price: $1.99
Tangled: Written Android App Review

Are you the kind of gamer who really loves a good challenge? Then you’ll want to check out Tangled, a new string puzzle game from West Code Studios.


Tangled Android Apps Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Your mission in Tangled is actually to untangle each puzzle you come across. Every puzzle is a collection of lines, and your job is to make sure none of them overlap in as few moves as possible. Then, depending on your performance, you’ll earn stars.

The cool thing about the stars that you collect is that they unlock new Tangled environments. There are six in all, and they’re pretty interesting. Not only does that add a nice touch of variety to the Tangled puzzles, it also means that there are 90 uniquely designed puzzles to play. Once you get through those, the app actually creates an unlimited number of randomly generated puzzles, so there is seriously unlimited game play potential in this app.

I’m also a fan of the game’s original soundtrack, done by one Jams Primate, and the gradually increasing level of difficulty that makes this game a true challenge for gamers of all levels.

Layout & Design:

Tangled Android App Review


The graphics in the Tangled Android app are pretty tight. As I already mentioned, there’s a wide variety of worlds to unlock, so you won’t be solving puzzles on the same boring screen all day.

Then there are the puzzles themselves. These are true, smart three-dimensional works of game art. The app also mentions to be quite clear, with a progress bar, and a cool MultiTouch feature that allows you to manipulate multiple dots at the same time (hint: that’s the trick to getting higher star ratings on some of those harder levels).

I do appreciate the extra effort and love that went into making Tangled a complex and extremely visually appealing app that gamers will be proud to spend some time on.

Overall Value:

The Tangled Android app from West Code Studios is going to set you back $1.99. That’s not going to break the bank, but cost can be a bit of a turn off for us Android users. We’re used to getting high quality apps for free!

I suggest setting up a free trial version of this game, maybe as a Tangled Lite download. This title is solid enough that it will still have a following, and it’s even likely that the devs can drum up some more support and players by simply letting them see what this sweet title is all about before requesting we shell out some dough.

Some of my other suggestions for improvement include a create-a-puzzle feature and a leader board system or social platform that lets players communicate about challenging Tangles.

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Android Apps Review Details: Tangled Android app costs $1.99. This app requires Android 2.2 or higher. You may download Tangled from Google Play. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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