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Bouquets: A Bloomin’ Good Time!

Bouquets: A Bloomin’ Good Time!

Price: Free

Bouquets: Written Android App Review

If you’re the sort that loves matching games and challenging puzzles, but you’ve been looking for a slightly more cheerful and bright version of your beloved gaming style, look no further. The new Bouquets Android app from Igor Petrov takes matching to new heights of colorful loveliness, without giving up any of the challenge you know and love.


Bouquets Android App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

The name of the game is matching. Each level you will contend with sprouting flowers of various shades and types. Tap a flower to select it. Once it starts wiggling, tap another square on the green field to move the flower to it. But be careful! Any time you move a flower to an empty square more flowers pop up. Swapping flowers is slightly safer, resulting in fewer buds.

The idea is to arrange five of more flowers of the same type on contiguous cells. Again, use caution. Diagonal squares don’t count (which is a shame!). Once you have five or more organized, tap on the collection once to activate it, and a second time to send it to the flower basket. After collecting enough flowers, you’ll move on to the next level, where your current board will clear up a bit, and higher point flowers will become unlocked.

It took me a moment to work out the game mechanics for the Bouquets Android app. The in-app language is a bit rough. I highly recommend visiting the app info page in the Google Play store and watching the app video. There’s also a coin system. Nominally you get coins for completing levels, or you can buy them (more about that in the value section of the review). Coins can be used to undo moves, remove flowers from the board or swap out the types of flowers on the screen.

Scoreloop integrated leader boards round out this app, which is seriously harder than it looks. Don’t be fooled by all the flower power, this game requires some serious logic and puzzle solving skills to master.

Layout & Design:

Bouquets Android Apps Review


As I mentioned, there’s some serious bright, cheerful graphics to the Bouquets Android app. I did have a bit of a struggle with on screen selection when flowers were located near the menu options on the right-hand side of the screen, but otherwise, this app played quite well.

If anything, I think the game could use a bit of polish. But, for a free game, it’s quite well made.

Overall Value:

Speaking of the price tag, it’s pretty sweet. Bouquets is free, and it’s not even supported by advertisements. Sure, it’s tempting to buy some coins when you realize how much easier they make the game, but if you’re up for a challenge, playing Bouquets can be a relatively cost effective experience that’s a surprising amount of fun. Check this one out.

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Android Apps Review Details: Bouquets Android app is free. This app requires Android 2.2 or higher. You may download Bouquets from Google Play. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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