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PEP the Dragon: A Retro, Platform Style Adventure

PEP the Dragon: A Retro, Platform Style Adventure

Price: Free

PEP the Dragon: Written & Video Android App Review

What could be cooler than dragons, crystals and magical quests to rescue your pal unicorn? Not much. That’s why I had a blast reviewing PEP the Dragon, a new app for Android from the folks at pepworks.


Pep the Dragon Android Apps Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Two-dimensional, level-based gaming your thing? Not gonna lie, it tugs at my nostalgic heart strings a bit. The PEP the Dragon Android app is designed after the classics. You run, jump, collect crystals and spells, battle opponents with your fire breath and navigate some pretty tricky arenas in 10 unique worlds.

I was pleasantly surprised by the caliber of action and sophistication in the PEP the Dragon Android app. The game actually got progressively more and more difficult, featuring hard to make leaps, neat spells like an ice bridge creator, and it went light enough on the story to keep it interesting without overpowering the action.

In other words, this game is a lot of fun. There are some extras that help it shine, like multiple language support (for you folks who prefer to game in German, Spanish or French!) a helpful tutorial in the info section, and even details about what spells and crystals you’ll be encountering. There’s even a hall of fame where the top gamers names go down in history. Go ahead, get playing. You know you want to be in that hall.

Layout & Design:

Pep the Dragon Android App Review

PEP the Dragon

The decision to go with a pretty classic looking 2D model for this game is obviously intentional. There are some more detailed, ethereal graphics depicting each of the game’s ten areas, but the in-app action is kept simple in style, with a decided retro feel.

I dig it, for the clarity and ease of the game and for the cool nostalgic feel. Gamers young and old will have no trouble picking up and playing this title, which is really what mobile gaming is all about.

I’d also like to mention that the game has multiple control options, including a tilt control and an on-screen arrow control. I prefer the arrow control for added control, but when you get really good at the game could see tilt making it easier and quicker to power through some familiar levels. I suggest trying both to see which one fits your playing style better.

Overall Value:

Best of all, PEP the Dragon is entirely free to play and enjoy. There aren’t even any schemes designed to make you buy a bunch of stuff. It’s pretty pure as far as gameplay goes.

There are, unfortunately, some banner ads in the game. After all, even game developers have to eat. However, if you turn off your internet connection, those banners become a thing of the past (see our video review for the result!).

We Android gamers are pretty used to dealing with a banner ad or two, so it’s no big deal. This app still earns some pretty reasonable marks for being fun, straightforward and providing plenty of gameplay. Check this app out, stat.

Pep the Dragon Android App QR Code

PEP the Dragon


Android Apps Review Details: PEP the Dragon Android app is free. This app is compatible with Android 2.1 or higher. You may download PEP the Dragon from Google Play. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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