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Protect the Presents! It’s Undead Tidings!

Protect the Presents! It’s Undead Tidings!

Price: $.99
Undead Tidings: Written Android App Review

Have you ever looked around at Christmas time, at your loved ones and all the trappings of the holidays and thought, “There’s something missing?” This year a single app can help you fill the gaping hole left by the utter lack of zombies in this holiday. It’s called Undead Tidings, and it comes to us from the holiday dream makers at Skunk Studios.


Undead Tidings Android Apps Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Protect the presents, no matter what the cost! The Abominable Snowman’s undead army of zombie elves, reindeer, penguins and more are after your presents, and your brains. It’s your job to build all the skills of a ninja sniper and take out those undead intruders with snowballs of doom.

Sounds pretty exciting, eh? That’s because Undead Tidings is a ton of fun. I love the combination of tower defense gaming styles with the accuracy required of the snowball shootings. Each level your job is to defend the presents until sunrise. Sunrise banishes any remaining zombie perpetrators and unveils your score.

To get top marks, not only do you have to defend all the presents, you have to shoot snowballs like you mean it. Accuracy plays a big part in your ultimate score.

There’s also a huge variety of play here, with four unique unlockable zones, the first of which has 24 levels. And this game gets difficult a bit quicker than you’d think, meaning it’s not for the faint of heart. The fun is addictive and quite catchy. I recommend taking a gander at the help section before embarking on your zombie slaying journey to learn about the double snowball option, various power ups and giant snowballs.

Layout & Design:

Undead Tidings Android App Review

Undead Tidings

The graphics in Undead Tidings are as crisp and bright as you could possibly want. Consider how busy the screen gets, the app never fumbled due to on-screen action, which is a huge positive.

It’s also a relatively kid-friendly title, which is always a plus. There is a link on the app’s main page that lets you look at other apps from the developer, but otherwise there are no advertisements, buying schemes or in-app credit, meaning it’s a title you can let you kids play without much worry.

I did have the app black out once when I received a text message, but otherwise it played like a dream.

Overall Value:

Priced to move at $.99, Undead Tidings is one of my favorite seasonal Android apps I’ve found this year. The gameplay is fast and furious, not to mention a lot of fun. Still not convinced? Check out the free lite version of this app, it’s bound to get you hooked.

This app is a perfect digital stocking stuffer with a lot of character and undead charm. Put your Android on the nice list and check it out post haste.

Undead Tidings Android App QR Code

Undead Tidings

Android Apps Review Details: Undead Tidings Android app costs $.99. This app is compatible with Android 2.3 and up. You may download Undead Tidings from Google Play. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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