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Test Your Memory with Match It Up on Android Free

Test Your Memory with Match It Up on Android

Price: Free

Match It Up: Written Android App Review


Match it Up

Match It Up, from developer Scappz, is a new app for Android device. Available through the Google Play store, Match It Up features a ton of interesting matching game options, all for free!

Match It Up features two key game modes; Classic and Visual Memory. There is also four different difficulties for these modes, Easy, Intermediate, Hard, and Custom. Visual Memory is a game in which the gamer is initially presented with all the pieces on the board, revealed, but then they are turned over and much be matched up. Classic is the standard matching game play, with the pieces starting turned over from the start. Gamers can also check out their high scores through the Ranking page and view unlocked Achievements. Matching buttons respond quickly to the touch and the included score tracker helps keep the game play addicting.

Graphical Layout:
The logo for Match It Up looks like something from a 70’s flower power party, a very retro and cute design. The background layout of Match It Up isn’t anything impressive, but the actual in-game graphics are sharp and impressive. The Simpsons, Adventure Time, and a few ‘general’ graphic sets are included in this app, and they look great. The overall layout is pretty simple but very functional, allowing gamers to dive into the matching fun quickly.

Do we really need yet another matching game app? The Google Play store is pretty crowded with such apps already, both paid and free. However, Match It Up does a good job of keeping the game play interesting and varied with its many different options. The free version does come with ads, which can be removed if you pay. However, the apps don’t detract too much from the app and gamers probably won’t feel like they are missing out on too much with them present. Match It Up’s matching games are pretty fun, with the two game modes and different difficulty settings. The addition of friendly cartoon faces from the Simpsons and other cartoons is a nice touch and helps keep the game play feeling fresh. If you are needing a new match ’em up fix on your Android device, Match It Up may be worth checking out!

Match it Up is available for Android devices running Android 2.1 and later. It is available through the Google Play store for free. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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