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Gorgeous Photo Filters through Cameran for Android free

Gorgeous Photo Filters through Cameran for Android

Price: Free
Cameran: Written Android App Review

Cameran, developed by Recruit Holdings, is a new, gorgeous camera app for Android. Using the beautiful thematic effects of famous Japanese artist Mika Ninagawa’s work as a filter and editing set for Android devices, Cameran is a very interesting photo app. Read on for more on this unique set of filters!

Cameran App Review

For those unfamiliar with Mika Ninagawa’s work, here is a quick primer. Basically, she is well-known for her colorful artwork and photographs, often combing the two mediums to create a beautiful and vibrant theme. These combine fish (colorful koi), flowers, leaves, and more, all to create a very mystical and flowing picture setting. It’s not a style often copied by other artists nor is it one I’ve seen on other photo apps. Thus, you simply load up Cameran, take a photo or load it from your camera roll, and then start editing. The bottom of the screen allows the user to select from the effects that are to be applied, including Goldfish, Jellyfish, Shower, Balloon, Rose, Ornament, etc. Tapping some of the icons twice or three times opens up other pieces. There is also options to add borders and other color editing choices. Then, the photos can be saved, posted to Twitter, shared on Facebook, Instagram, even to the popular Chinese social media site, Sina Weibo. It’s easy to do and works very nicely, allowing for some awesome effects! It runs very smoothly on Android and works well without any noticeable lags or hangups on this platform.

Graphical Layout:
Cameran looks great on Android. The photo effects of various filters and addons on Cameran really shine, both on tablets and smart phone screens for devices Android 2.3 and up. They are incredibly vibrant and really make the photos look wonderful. I enjoyed how wonderful the effects appeared on the images, and I really liked how incredibly easy it was to edit photos through Cameran on the app. There was several photo options that are locked up, requiring payment, but there are TONS of free options allowed in the app right from the start. I didn’t notice any lag when using the editing options or other problems with the processing behind the app as well.

I’ve already checked out Cameran on the iOS and was quite impressed then. Getting to also use it on the Android operating system has also been a treat. The art style of Mika Ninagawa is pretty impressive and very one-of-a-kind, yet this app lets photographers create a very similar effect with their photos. There is quite a few themes and filters to add, even in the free version, with loads more in the paid version. I have not seen these images in other types of app for photographs, adding to the value of this photography app. Overall, Cameran is a solid photo editor app for those looking for a unique style in their Android pics and photographs. Grab Cameran through Google Play today!

Android Apps Review Details: Cameran Android app is free. This app requires Android 2.3 and up. You may download Cameran from Google Play. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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