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PBA Bowling Challenge: Go From Joe to Pro

PBA Bowling Challenge: Go From Joe to Pro

Price: Free
PBA Bowling Challenge: Written Android Game Review

Video games and sports have gone hand in hand since the first gaming consoles hit the market decades ago, and it still holds true even as games become more and more popular on mobile devices. The best part is that these newer games usually incorporate device features such as the accelerometer, making them immensely fun to play.

PBA Bowling Challenge, developed by Concrete Software, is a new bowling game which will test every ounce of virtual skill you have as you work your way up from Joe to Pro.

Concept and Gameplay:

The first thing you’ll notice about PBA Bowling Challenge is how beautiful the graphics are. I was shocked to see such detail, and I can definitely say that I never knew how powerful my Nexus 7 was until I played this game. PBA Bowling Challenge is truly a visual treat.

PBA Bowling Challenge’s gameplay is just as detailed. From Career Mode to Quickplay, this game can be as simple or as complex as the player would like. Career Mode allows you to progress through the ranks of amateur to professional, earning trophies and completing challenges along the way. Each tournament is one step closer to bowling glory, so be sure to play at your best.

Learning to play PBA Bowling Challenge is extremely simple thanks to a helpful tutorial. Simply choose which ball you would like to use, drag your finger horizontally to position the ball, and swipe your finger vertically to release it. Tilting your device allows you to add spin to the ball and gives you a fair amount of control over it as it progresses down the lane. Similar to real bowling, it’s very easy to give the ball to much or too little spin, so this is far from an easy way to win.

It’s easy to find yourself on a winning streak in Career mode, but entering tournaments will cost you energy. While your energy will recharge over time, you can replenish it by leveling up or spending golden pin credits. These pin credits can be earned by completing special offers from advertisers, occasionally receiving them after completing a tournament challenge, or by purchasing them.

If the pressure of competition isn’t your thing, you’ll enjoy Quickplay mode. Even though games won in Quickplay won’t help you advance in Career mode, it’s still a great way to hone your bowling skills. After all, practice makes perfect! Plus you can easily resume a Quickplay game if you need to, but you must complete it or forfeit before you can resume in Career mode.


PBA Bowling Challenge Adroid App

One of my favorite features of PBA Bowling Challenge is the Scoresheet, which shows you very detailed gameplay statistics. From the number of strikes rolled to how many gutter balls you’ve sunk, it’s pretty fun to see just how good your game is.

PBA Bowling Challenge not only offers unlockable bowling balls with special attributes, but also opponents, locations, and even special oil patterns. Forget about striking your way through the entire game in one day – this game definitely offers countless hours of play.

As if beating a skilled opponent in Career mode wasn’t already difficult, each tournament has its own challenge for you to complete. The challenge is optional, but completing it will reward you with extra tickets, experience points, and (sometimes) golden pin credits.


PBA Bowling Challenge offers an unprecedented number of features and is a truly amazing game to play. It’s definitely one of the most comprehensive bowling games I’ve seen to date, and the fact that it’s free is wonderful. I can’t recommend it enough for bowling fans and mobile gaming enthusiasts alike.

Android Apps Review Details: PBA Bowling Challenge is FREE and requires Android 2.2+. You can download it from Google Play. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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