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Can You Solve the Number Paradox?

Can You Solve the Number Paradox?

Price: Free
Number Paradox: Written Android App Review

Matching games are old hat. Numbers are where it’s at, especially in the new title Number Paradox from Mirror Seven.


Number Paradox Android Apps Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Number Paradox is a fine cross between games like Bejeweled and number games, like Sudoku. Your job is to create number trains by starting with a number then connecting it to another number one up or one down. The longer your train, the higher your reward. Of course, it can’t possibly be that simple. So it isn’t.

When the Number Paradox comes into play you’ll be given four numbers from the future. Your job is to earn a high enough score to move on, and create the same paradox to send back to the future to avoid space time continuum issues. Or just to avoid losing the game. Either or.

There are three types of gameplay: classic, which progresses with more paradoxes the higher your level; timemaster where you fight the clock; and invasion, where your chains help destroy invading alien ships located on the board. Cool, huh?

There’s also a slightly easier version of the game for kiddos who may need to start out a bit simpler. I was a bit disappointed that you can’t create chains by going back down. For example, if you highlight 3 – 4 -5, you can’t go to 4 again. It’s 6 or nothing. That part was a bit confusing when I read the instructions, but became clear enough as I played the game.

Layout & Design:

Number Paradox Android App Review

Number Paradox

The simple board style is suited to Number Paradox. Anything busier or more confusion would be annoying. The input reads quite true and I had no issues navigating the game. It’s not the most exciting looking application I’ve ever seen for Android, but it will do. I suggest making the highlighted or selected color a bit more different than the standard color for a bit of pop, but that’s my only real design concern.

Overall Value:

Downloading Number Paradox is free, and you can use your email to sign up for a limited number of plays in classic mode only. At the time of this review there is a feature to unlock the additional modes you can sign in with Facebook and Like Mirror Seven Games. Or you can just pay $2.99 and you get unlimited plays in all modes, which, if you like the game, seems like the most logical thing to do.

Is the game worth $2.99? Sure. Especially with the addition of the time trial mode and invasion mode, which is my favorite.

Number Paradox Android App QR Code

Number Paradox

Android Apps Review Details: Number Paradox is FREE. This app requires Android 2.2 and up. You may download Number Paradox from the Android Market. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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