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Direct Opinion: And The Survey Says… Free

Direct Opinion: And The Survey Says…

Price: Free
Direct Opinion: Written & Video Android App Review

Direct Opinion (homepage) is a new survey app for the Android operating system. This app helps users to create surveys and then monetize them, all in one free app.


Direct Opinion is a survey creation and survey taking tool. Basically, users can use Direct Opinion to create their own custom surveys, then view the results. Others that want to view the results may have to pay to do so, based on the authors criteria, thereby allowing the creators to earn money from their survey results. There’s also a social media interface, as the app requires an initial login, either through the app or with Facebook. This isn’t the first survey tool to hit Android but the it’s one of the few survey apps to offer monetization options for creators of surveys. Being able to earn money from a well-designed survey is a pretty neat concept, although just how many users will do this remains to be seen. Payment is through Credit Card, earning the creator $0.50 per survey paid to view, with cashout available at $20. Thus, you’ll need at least 40 people to pay to access your survey before you will potentially see your money. It would be nice if this cashout bar were lower and perhaps the developer will adjust it as time passes in future updates. Purchasers will receive a detailed PDF file with all sorts of lovely statistics and demographic information when they do pay to purchase it.

Direct Opinion Android Apps Review

Graphical Design:

Graphics in Direct Opinion are decently sharp and attractive. They aren’t the most graphically intense, but they function well in this survey app. The overall layout of Direct Opinion is on the minimalist side but it helps users concentrate on the actual surveys at hand instead of presenting them with distractions.  It’s also fairly easy to setup your own survey or search other surveys through Direct Opinion.


Direct Opinion is a free app and offers you, the user, a way to make money! What’s not to like? Of course, the actual chances of you cashing out big in this app probably aren’t huge, but the potential certainly exists. Direct Opinion is well designed, the survey setup and taking tools are simple to use, and the social networking features with Facebook integration add a nice extra ‘oomf’ to it. Overall, Direct Opinion is worth considering if you want a survey creation app tool on Android!


Direct Opinion app is available for Android devices running Android 2.2 and later. It is available through the Google Play store for free. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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