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PokerStars TV: The Tour Is Waiting! Free

PokerStars TV: The Tour Is Waiting!


Price: Free
PokerStars TV App: Written Android App Review

Can’t get enough of professional poker shows on TV and on your computer? How about on your Android phone or Android tablet? Enter Poker Stars TV, a relatively new Google Play app from developer PokerStars. Worth looking into? Read on for my take on this video poker app!

Take the characters, the bravado, the money, and the fascinating game play of poker, put it into a professional circuit, then stream the videos on an app-that’s PokerStars TV on Android! With this neat app, you can watch the popular European Poker Tour and PokerStars Big Game, plus many other events, tournies, and more. You’ll also get access to video interviews with the pros and other people related to the game. There’s video discussion of strategies and the latest news for the tournament circuit as well. With all these options for various events to watch, how does one keep track of all of ’em on your iOS device? PokerStars TV makes it easy with a neat custom playlist option and a queuing option for upcoming episodes. There is multiple channels to browse and the ‘latest’ on your Home screen of the app to help keep you up to date. Furthermore, while all the videos require online access to browse, you can choose to download them for offline viewing at a later time. This is definitely a great feature if you don’t have access to wireless or a data plan everywhere. Oh, and did I mention you can also watch online pro matches with commentary? Yup! PokerStars TV is simply jam-packed with poker videos to watch, all in one free and handy app. Browsing on my Android tablet with PokerStars TV was easy and the app performed well!

PokerStars TV Android Apps Review

Graphical Layout:
PokerStars TV rocks a slick, polished layout. The Home screen sports the latest videos, which can be added to playlists or queued up to download for offline viewing with ease. I really liked how the app’s design felt very similar to the glitzy, yet professional style of many poker shows. It’s easy to figure out how to watch the shows on PokerStars TV and even first-time users will be watching their favorite PokerStars shows in no time with it! I tried this app on my Android 7” tablet and it looked great-both the app’s design and the video quality!

PokerStars TV is a free app and a very solid one at that. Streaming and watching PokerStars on an Android device is a cinch with this app. I was able to easily browse it and select all sorts of interesting PokerStars episodes with just a tap. Like the rest of the PokerStars products, PokerStars TV is professionally designed and feels incredibly slick. The huge selection of shows and episodes to watch on this free app make it great option for fans as well. Any poker aficionado would do well to check out PokerStars TV today on Android through Google Play!

PokerStars TV is available on Android  running 2.2 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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