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Mecca Bingo: Take the Gambling With You (Everywhere)

Mecca Bingo: Take the Gambling With You (Everywhere)

Price: Free
Mecca Bingo: Written Android App Review

Do you like yourself some bingo? In fact, do you wish you could take a bit of it with you everywhere you go? Well, if you happen to have an Android phone and a Mecca Games account, then you’re in luck! The mega betting company has finally released an edition of their most popular bingo franchise, Mecca Bingo, from, onto the Android platform, allowing you to take the action with you almost anywhere you go. If that’s got your interest, then go ahead and slide on down below the break to view our entire review!

Concept and Functionality 

Mecca Bingo for Android

Mecca Bingo for Android

Despite the fact that it might sound rather tricky, Mecca Bingo is decidedly a simple affair. It comes in both Android and iPhone flavors, and allows you to instantly start playing bingo while you’re out on the go. How does this happen?

Essentially, you’ll need to start with a Mecca Games account. You’ll be using this to fund your gaming, so without it, you’ll not be getting far. Once that’s done, you’re ready to roll! You can purchase tickets and enter gaming rooms right away. The gameplay is automatic, which means you need only to sit back and wait for the results. Along the way you can chat with your gaming mates, as well as strangers within the same room. Want to complain about that latest roll? Nearly miss a winning play? Go ahead and shout it in the chat room. You might make a few new friends that way.

Aside from this, Mecca Bingo does very little to tamper with the solid concept at work here. The option to purchase additional tickets to meet your gambling mood is nice, as is the built-in social feature. And then again, we can hardly think of another trinket we’d like to see implemented. All in all, it’s rock-solid gameplay with an easy-to-use exterior.

Graphics and Interface

Overall, you’ll get what you likely expect from Mecca Bingo in terms of its interface design. It’s bright, it’s gaudy, and it’s fairly simple to navigate. As stated, gameplay requires little interaction from you, which means you get to watch it live, more than play it. However, we did have quite a lot of bother when connecting to servers. We’ve heard many an horror story of fellow players paying several quid for tickets, only to have the game disconnect them at the start. This, combined with the occasionally spotty performance we experienced, does cast some reasonable doubt over the app.

Overall Value

Then again, if you’re a dedicated Mecca Bingo player, and you want to have the experience of winning loads on the go in pocket, you’ll hardly find a better option. Still, we’re hesitant to give the app too high of a score, as that spotty connection business is rather offputting. All in all, this adds up to a solid three star rating, as well as a go-get-it recommendation to any die-hard fans.

Mecca BingoAndroid Apps Review Details: Mecca Bingo is FREE. This app requires Android 2.2+ and up. You may download Mecca Bingo from the Android Market. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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