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Safeguard Your Audio Files with Mp3 Encrypt $1.00

Safeguard Your Audio Files with Mp3 Encrypt

Price: $1.00

Mp3 Encrypt: Written Android App Review

Always wanted to have an app readily available to encrypt or decrypt mp3 files on your device? Then the Mp3 Encrypt app from developer dongraid is just the app for you!


When you initially load Mp3 Encrypt you will be shown three menu options: “Encrypt”, “Decrypt”, and “Language”. Each menu options are self explanatory, with the last option letting you select from the default, English, or the Russian language. To begin encrypting, you will select the “Open File” icon and choose a file from a folder on your device, or from the SD card, if your device has one. Numerous files will appear, so be sure to know what you are looking for. With the decrypting function, it is essentially the same actions, with the exception of the “Open File” option.

Appearance and Layout

Mp3 Encrypt Android App Review

Although the appearance and layout of Mp3 Encrypt is simplistic, it might be too simplistic. Without any instructions or proper guidance, first time users may have trouble navigating through this app. File searching is jumbled and next step actions appear ambiguous. Only users who have a basic idea of what an mp3 encrypter is and what it can do for people who are musicians, writers, and on-the-go business professionals would understand how this app works and why it does what it does. There is a short video located here that shows a bit of how the app works, but again for new users, this video may still confuse them instead of trying to help them understand the app’s functions.


For Mp3 Encrypt being offered for $1.00 is an average deal, but to some users, this may not be what they were expecting. Users who happen to be browsing for different apps, might come across this app’s page in the Android Market and will realize that there are no clear details or instructions on how this app works, and even what this app’s purpose and benefit is. The developer does not even have a site up that can provide additional guidance to new users, with the exception of the brief video on the app’s page featured in the Android Market. However, for users who do know what the purpose and benefit of a mp3 encrypter is and need it, then the $1.00 price tag maybe well worth it to them.

Android Apps Review Details: Mp3 Encrypt is $1.00. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

You may download Mp3 Encrypt from the Android Market.

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