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Make Contact Instantly and Easily with Text Snapper $1.02

Make Contact Instantly and Easily with Text Snapper

Price: $1.02

Text Snapper: Written Android App Review

Happen to see a phone number text or email address text while on the go and want to save it or touch base right away? Then the Text Snapper app from developer SMS Response Aus Pty Ltd is just the app for you!


With the Text Snapper app, you can take a picture of any text phone number or text email address that you see or come across and render it so you can do several follow up actions. These actions include: calling a number text, sending a text message to the number text, forward the number text to another contact, send an email to the email address text, forward the email address text to another contact (or yourself), go to the website text, or save the text as a contact. To start taking a picture of the text or text number, simply access the app and the camera function will pop up first. You can adjust the picture frame by moving the grids with your fingertips in whatever direction and sizing you like. If satisfied with the layout, then tap on the camera icon which will then take you to the next screen allowing you to do any of the following options stated previously.

Text Snapper Android App Review

Appearance and Layout

The overall layout and appearance of Text Snapper is neat and straight to the point. You simply just take the picture (adjust if necessary), choose your function, and you are done! Even the follow through action options are clear enough, and with less steps to get what you need done, what more could you ask for? Any new user will not only find this app easy to use, but also very convenient.


For Text Snapper costing $1.02 is a pretty decent deal. It is a great app with a great concept, and is very handy and beneficial. For example, if you happen to run by an advertisement and want to give the seller a call instantly just snap and act.  Or even if you happen see something you or a friend are interested in, take a picture of the email address and make contact at the tap of your fingers. It is an app that is simple to use and simple to comprehend, and users will find this app life changing.

Text Snapperrequires 2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

You may download Text Snapper from the Android Market.

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