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Digital TV on Android Devices

How Mobile TV Tablet will Experience Digital Television on Android Device

by Sarah James

Mobile TV – Your On-the-Go Entertainment

Mobile television keeps you occupied whether you are in a flight or even fishing in the middle of a lake. After its introduction, the demand for mobile entertainment has grown drastically, and major networks like CBS, NBC, and FOX have started offering mobile streaming options.

RCA Launches Mobile TV Tablet

RCA, a company that produces technology goods, has recently launched a tablet Mobile TV. According to the company, this Mobile TV will be the first of its kind, a dual-tuner mobile TV priced at $299. Here is a quick overview of its features.

The device is a standard over-the-air DTV tuner with a mobile TV tuner. It is compatible with Dyle ™ Mobile TV, which allows users to access TV content (over 130 mobile TV stations) on the go.

Previous RCA Efforts

At the beginning of 2011, RCA introduced a new line of portable ATSC/Mobile DTV hybrid TVs. These devices included:

· A 3.5 inch Hybrid Portable Television DMT 335R with LED backlit LCD screen, AC power, and 4 hours running time on AA batteries

· A 3.5 inch Hybrid Portable Television DMT 335R with additional FM receiver, internal Lithium Polymer battery, and the rest of the features mentioned above

· A 7 inch Hybrid Portable Television DMT 270R with 800×480 LCD screen, AC power, and internal Lithium Polymer battery

· A Car tuner receiver MT3BR with car charger, remote control, and other features

New Mobile TV

The new Mobile TV (model DDA85OR) is actually a brand new Android tablet, giving you a taste of both technologies. This means that you have a portable digital television in your hands along with an Android tablet.

Moreover, as mentioned above, within the device you have a standard over-the-air DTV tuner and compatibility with Dyle mobile TV.
The tablet comes with an 8 inch display with a passable 1024×768 resolution. Other features include:

· Wi-Fi connectivity

· Dual cameras


· 1 GB RAM

The device runs on a Cortex A5 1GHz processor. The built-in memory of 8 GB can always be expanded with microSD cards. The device also has USB support and HDMI connectivity. All this and yet the device weighs an impressive 1.4 lbs! Not to mention, the battery can run for up to 10 hours straight.

Watching TV on Android Devices

If you have still not used TV tuners on your Android device, here are some tips on how you can do it. To begin with, you need to subscribe to a satellite TV service for your device which you can get from Sattv Direct. DirecTV has many offers for new subscribers, and now those offers can be compared against other available options at

You can even use free Android apps available at You will obviously need your Gmail account to access digital entertainment on Android.

If your device does not have the Adobe Flash Player, you will have to download and install its latest version. This will enable you to view Flash videos and animation and also play games.


While RCA is not a place where tech-savvy consumers head to for purchasing Android tablets, the company has in the past impressed us by producing portable digital tellys. This means that you can keep high hopes that at least the TV in the new devices will be of some value.

But examining specifics can give you a pretty good idea of how this device will eventually turn out before even using it. For instance, how good is an 8 inch 1024 x768 screen when the aim is to help you view sports games, movies, and TV shows?

In my estimation, this screen is not adequate for a full-fledged entertainment platform. What about memory? It’s 8GB and it can be enhanced, but then again, it will not help you record any of the TV shows for later viewing.

The battery run time is impressive. Moreover, the novelty factor can contribute to the popularity of this device, but I believe that the $299 price is too much.  But nevertheless, you are able to get 130 mobile networks! Let’s wait and see how the market welcomes it, and how will this Mobile TV Tablet affect Digital Television on Android Device

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