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Home Sweet Home Cuteness with Animal Flow Free

Home Sweet Home Cuteness with Animal Flow

Price: Free

Animal Flow: Written Android App Review

Looking for a game that combines cutesy looking creatures with mind puzzling game action? How about a game that is fun for both kids and adult players? Then the Animal Flow app from developer GameZen is just the app for you!


When you initially load Animal Flow, you will be prompted to select the “Stage Mode” or “Time Attack” version of playing.  With the “Stage Mode” you will need to match the same color character with the its corresponding colored home, i.e. you will match the purple kitty with its purple home by creating a connecting path. To do this, you select the character and slide your way across the screen in a flowing direction until you reach its matching colored home point. However, you will need to make sure that you do not cross over other colored paths and that you fill up the entire screen with all the paths created. With the “Time Attack” version, you will need to accomplish the same goals as in the “Stage Mode” but, the clincher is that you will need to create all paths within a certain amount of time frame that you can select.

Animal Flow Android App Review

Appearance and Layout

The overall appearance of Animal Flow is just super cute! With adorable animal cartoon graphics and bouncy animation, kids and adults users will enjoy this game app thoroughly. With bright and inviting color schemes and fun looking backdrop images, you will likely never get bored of this game. The nice thing is, for first time users, before you attempt to play either game mode, a quick visual tutorial will be displayed so you can have a better idea of how the game is played. Even the background music and sound effects scream “cute!” in a good way!

It does have ads running on the bottom of the screen, but they are not noticeable enough to be distracting.


The fact that Animal Flow is offered for free is one great deal breaker! It is a game that will keep its user completely hooked for hours of play, no matter what age or background they are. It is a game with a simple concept, yet, the strategies and puzzle breakers can be challenging in a fun way! It is a highly recommended app, so what are you waiting for, get Animal Flow today!

Android Apps Review Details: Animal Flow is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

You may download Animal Flow from the Android Market.

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