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Cause A Chain Reaction with Jewel Bash Pinball Free Free

Cause A Chain Reaction with Jewel Bash Pinball Free

Price: Free

Jewel Bash Pinball Free: Android Apps Written Review

Are you a fan of pinball? How about gem matching games such as Bejeweled? Then the Jewel Bash Pinball Free app from developer Wraith Software is just the app for you!


Imagine the concept of pinball and a matching strategy game combined together to form a super fun game. That is what Jewel Bash Pinball Free is.  With several unique setups to play around with and even a multilevel setup for increased competition, a world of two beloved games comes together in real life for an epic time of game play. The concept is the same for this game, just that both of each game’s main goals are meshed into one. First you will select your game mode/set up. Then you will basically launch a pinball just right so that it will come in contact with the gem that you want to get rid of. Doing so will cause gems pairings to form and you can progress and earn additional rewards. It may seem like an easy thing to do, but start playing and you will realize that it is actually very challengingly fun.

Jewel Bash Pinball Free Android App Review

Appearance and Layout

The overall appearance of Jewel Bash Pinball Free is relatively decent. Players can feel like they are actual engaged in a game of pinball when playing this app because of its graphical similarities and play animation. With various background themes and vivid color schemes to enjoy, not only will users feel like they want to begin playing the game, but actually want to continue on playing the game. With a simple action concept, yet challenging game play, any user should be able to pick this up and play away to their heart’s content. An easy to understand layout and smooth navigation just make this app even better to get in to.


Since Jewel Bash Pinball Free is offered at no charge, you really can’t beat a value like that. It is a game that any user of any age or background would enjoy, and would be a constant source of entertainment and boredom antidote for those who have time to spare or are on their break period. For those who love pinball and popular matching strategy games such as Bejeweled, then this game will be a sure favorite. This is a highly recommended game, so what are you waiting for? Get Jewel Bash Pinball Free today!

 Android Apps Review Details: Jewel Bash Pinball Free is free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.1 and up. You may download Jewel Bash Pinball Free from the Android Market.



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