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Get a Peace of Mind with Temporary Lock $0.99

Get a Peace of Mind with Temporary Lock

Price: $0.99

Temporary Lock: Android Apps Written Review

Looking for some “on demand” protection for your mobile phone or tablet? Want to control when you use a screen lock to keep strangers from accessing personal information on your device? Then the Temporary Lock app from developer A++ Apps is just the app for you!


The Temporary Lock app is your key to manage when you apply security on your mobile device. When you initially access the app, you will be prompted to generate a 4 digit numeric pass code and then confirm it. Upon confirmation a message will appear requesting you to activate the temporary phone lock. This is specifically for those times when you need to lock your device, not necessarily all the time. It’s like have a lock on your door that you only use when you want to use it versus a door that locks every time it closes. Activating the app will allow you to change of the screen unlock password, and also let you control how and when the screen will lock.

Once you set and confirm your 4-digit numeric pass code, when you want to access your phone, you will simply enter in the pass code and disable the lock and then you will be prompted with your regular initial screen.

Temporary Lock Android App Review

Appearance and Layout

The overall appearance of the Temporary Lock app is simple and basic, in a good way. Its primary purpose is to provide “as needed” protection and security for your mobile device, so features such as fancy graphics and eye-catching animations are not necessary. It is easy to use, and simple to figure out, just like its main function. The single step app navigation suits any user, of any age or background. With an ad-free layout, users can have a hassle-free, secure experience.


For those who find themselves in situations where you just want to secure you phone “now”, not “all the time”, such as when you leave your phone on a co-worker’s desk for charging, the Temporary Lock app is very handy and security ensuring. For those who are looking for that “once in a while” protection  they will likely find this app worth purchasing. It costs less than a dollar, so if you want to keep snoopy people at bay, then get this app and better be safe than sorry!

 Android Apps Review Details: Temporary Lock is $0.99. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

You may download Temporary Lock from the Android Market.

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