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Make Faded Signals a Thing of the Past with Auto Signal Recovery Free Free

Make Faded Signals a Thing of the Past with Auto Signal Recovery Free

Price: Free

Auto Signal Recovery Free: Written Android App Review

Do you have a frequent problem with faded signals or lost calls? Auto Signal Recovery Free app from developer emik makes it possible for a phone to reconnect to the signal on an elective timing schedule or to connect automatically, so this may just be the app for you!


When you initially load the Auto Signal Recovery Free app, you will be prompted to allow various settings such as displaying status bar, recovery signal messaging, screen unlocked recovery, number of bars setting, automatic signal recovery, vibration notifications, screen lock settings, timing out of service, and time interval settings. With the “Display Status Bar” function you can have the icon appear in your status bar. With the “Messaging” function you can receive a message whenever a signal is recovered. The “Recover When Unlocked” option will allow a signal to be recovered when the device screen is unlocked. With the “Number of Bars” setting, you can set the number of bars of signal recovery once the device screen has been unlocked.

The “Automatic Signal Recovery” option allows the app to monitor and automatically recover your signal levels. Please note that this free version only recovers the first time. After that you’ll need to upgrad to the full version, but that only costs about a buck. This option also needs to be turned on in order for the others to work properly. Turning on the “Vibrations Notifications” will instantly let you know when a signal is lost. The “Screen Lock Only” option only attempts to recover a signal when the device screen is locked. With the “Time Out of Service” function you can set how long you want before signal recovery is initiated.  The “Time Interval” allows you to set the time span when to check for signals again when the initial attempt fails.

Auto Signal Recovery Free Android App Review

Appearance and Layout

The appearance of the Auto Signal Recovery Free app is overall very basic and clear cut. The options and settings are detailed with thorough descriptions and all the user needs to do is select what they want or not. Layout is simple and app navigation is made easy with the basic menu options.


For the Auto Signal Recovery Free app being offered for free, and if you like it the paid version is only about a buck, is a pretty good deal. For those with mobile devices that have frequent antennae interference, this app is super handy. With this app dropped calls and lost signals become less burdensome and since it doesn’t cost you anything it gives you an even more peace of mind!

Android Apps Review Details: Auto Signal Recovery Free is Free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.1 and up. You may download Auto Signal Recovery Free from the Android Market.



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