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Have a Historical and Artistic Checkmate with ChessSetArt $9.99

Have a Historical and Artistic Checkmate with ChessSetArt

Price: $9.99

ChessSetArt: Android Apps Written Review

Love a good game of Chess? Do you like to admire or collect different Chess sets? Then the ChessSetArt app from developer Prairie Media Inc. is just the app for you!


Imagine visiting a museum, but at the convenience of your fingertips. That is what the ChessSetArt app exactly is. It gives the viewer the opportunity to experience the historical, cultural, and aesthetic dynamics behind twenty-five various chess sets in the world today. Basically like a virtual tour, viewers can get a detailed look and informational outlook on the chess sets being described by world famous curators and commentators from around the world. It is like a dream come true for die hard chess players and also for those who love to learn about new things.

Chess Set Art Android App Review

Appearance and Layout

The appearance quality of the ChessSetArt app is superb. With crystal clear viewing quality and exquisite item detail, viewers will not only be entertained by what they see, but will find these miniseries to be a great learning experience as well. The graphics on this app are just simply stunning and the amazing visual images will be sure to enthrall any viewer. With a simple layout and easy app navigation, any user would have no trouble figuring out how to go through the app and viewing each chess set series.


Overall, the value for the ChessSetArt app is based on the user’s preference.  It does almost cost the user ten dollars, so it is not something to take lightly especially compared to other apps available in the market today. For those who enjoying learning about new things, then this app would be something that would suit their interest. For those who love a good game of chess and the artistic aspect of various chess piece collections, than this is the perfect app for them. Since it’s audience is a bit more focused, random users might not find this app as appealing in comparison to the app’s price. However, for those who this app does gear to, the value exceeds all expectations. With its unique insight and vivid graphics, not only will potential viewers find this app informational, but enjoyable as well.

Android Apps Review Details: ChessSetArt is $9.99. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

You may download Chess Set Art from the Android Market.

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