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Science – Microcosm 3D: Ever Wondered What’s Out There?

Science – Microcosm 3D: Ever Wondered What’s Out There?

Price: Free
Science – Microcosm 3D: Written Android App Review

Here at the Android Apps Review, we really like science. We’re some of those geeky people who watch Nova science specials for fun. With that in mind, we dig this little application called Science – Microcosm 3D. It offers a unique look (thanks to some handy 3D models) of some of the smaller elements of life. The free package comes with a lot to offer, and no matter what age you are, we promise you can find something new to flip out over within this app. For our full (macro) review, you need only to slide on down below the break!

Concept and Functionality

Microcosm 3D for Android

Microcosm 3D for Android

The basic idea behind Microcosm 3D looks something like this: You’re carrying around a small electronic device with a gorgeous screen attached. With that in mind, why not use it to take some interactive looks at the universe through a science-based app?

That’s exactly what you’ll get here with Microcosm 3D. The app focuses on the smaller items in the world, offering you an in-depth look at such things as viruses, particle dust, and atoms. In other words, everything micro out there. It’s a cool twist, and we appreciated the exact nature of the app. All of the objects included come with full illustrations that can be viewed from multiple angles, as well as enough text data to keep you going for a while. In addition, the app itself also comes stuffed with stuff. You’ll get six unique models with the free version, and for around two bucks, you can unlock the full 20 model experience. We highly suggest doing the latter, especially if you find yourself enjoying the information contained in the free option. After all, a little additional knowledge never hurt anyone!

Graphics and Design

Obviously, with an app of this sort, the design is going to be crucial. No one likes looking at a poorly constructed virus model, and thankfully, you won’t have to with Microcosm 3D. The app’s models are fabulous, as is the interface design and layout itself. We had no problem scrolling through what’s offered here, and swapping between models and text is a breeze. We also really appreciated the sliding ruler along the bottom that provides a photographic reference for size. After all, the point of the app is its micro subject matter—having a constant reminder of this really does the trick for us.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, Microcosm 3D is that sort of app that comes with a disclaimer. We highly recommend it for anyone with a passive to extreme scientific interest. No matter what your age or experience with the subject, it’s a great refresher. However, if you’re not into science to begin with, you’ll obviously not get as much out of it. For those people, we still recommend you give it a go—you may just find something micro that builds a gigantic educational blossoming.

MicrocosmAndroid Apps Review Details: Science – Microcosm 3D is FREE. This app requires Android 2.2+ and up.

You may download Science – Microcosm 3D.

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