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PhraseBox Pro: Take the Languages of the World With You

PhraseBox Pro: Take the Languages of the World With You

Price: $6.00
PhraseBox Pro
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Do you plan on traveling abroad in the near future? Do you want to ensure you’ve got a convenient means of communicating with the locals (If you’re going to Europe, just speak English, you lazy sods you!) Kidding aside, being on top of the local language is a good way to enhance your travel experience, which is why we’re bringing you a full review of PhraseBox Pro, from Planetinpocket, today.

The app offers a convenient way to keep a foreign language close at hand, and though it won’t teach you to be a fluent speaker, it’s still miles ahead of being ignorant. And with that, you’ll find our full review of PhraseBox Pro below.

Concept and Functionality

PhraseBox PRO

PhraseBox PRO

Honestly, we may be more impressed by what phrasebook applications like PhraseBox Pro are doing with mobile platforms than just about any other formerly-print-based media. The reason? Well, it’s simple, really: Go pick up your old phrasebook and tap on a phrase with your finger. What happened? Nothing, exactly!

However, with PhraseBox Pro you’ll actually get feedback. The app is more or less a traditional phrasebook, letting you download language packs on demand and as needed. Once on your phone, just peruse the (copious) lists until you find the entry you’re after, then click it to hear how it sounds.

You’ll also get a written version to look at too, in case you’d like to try speaking to some of the natives. In other words, it’s the helping hand that a phrasebook has needed since the birth of man, but hasn’t had the opportunity to create until now.

We like it a lot, and PhraseBox Pro is even more a boon because of the number of languages it offers. It has all of the standard European languages, as well as some other larger tongues like Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Thai, Chinese, and more. All in all, it’s a powerful product, and one that is damn easy to carry around, too.

Design and Interface

All in all, there’s very little to complain about with PhraseBox Pro, though it perhaps isn’t the most inventive application we’ve ever seen. It features a rather standard stacked-lists approach to app design, which though not a bad thing, doesn’t do much for branding.

Then again, we absolutely loved the option to favorite phrases, as well as how easy it was to get to our saves once apprehended. We also liked the simple list layout with search bar adjunct to make things quick.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, if you need a phrasebook for your next travel abroad, PhraseBox Pro is certainly a bargain at six dollars in the US Play Store. That’s a lot less than a paper version of the same material, and for that money you’ll get feedback and additional information. To us, that’s a winning deal, which means PhraseBox Pro earns a solid recommendation.


Android Apps Review Details: PhraseBox Pro is FREE. This app requires Android 1.6 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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