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Learn with Every Passing Minute with Coursera On The Go Free

Learn with Every Passing Minute with Coursera On The Go Free

Price: Free
Coursera On The Go Free
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Always seeking to learn more about anything and everything? Looking for an app that will quench your daily thirst for knowledge? Then the Coursera On The Go Free app from developer Aliaksei Radzinski is the perfect app for you!


Imagine being able to learn new things and add to your educational knowledge every time you have a spare minute. This is what the Coursera On The Go app can do for you. This app combines the best of learning tools, the internet, online lectures, and educational videos to help your expand your brain power.

Learn everything from higher mathematics to lesser known sciences at the simple tap of your fingertips, whether it is downloading courses or viewing more video functions. In order to access the Coursera On The Go app, you will need to have an account to log in with and also make sure that your device has the capability of playing mp4 video formats.

There is a paid version available as well, which has additional features such as: simultaneous unlimited downloads, streaming subtitles, PDF documents accessibility, default player selection, cache directory, and free of advertisements.

Appearance and Layout

Coursera On The Go Android App Review

Coursera On The Go Android App Review

The Coursera On The Go app is really neatly laid out and offers a visually appealing experience, especially with the videos it offers and the wide variety of knowledge imagery on hand.

With easy navigation and clean cut features, learning becomes more interesting with this app. The overall layout is also very orderly and helps with users trying to find specific topics and courses or browse through videos.

Text interspersed with graphics also enhance the user’s viewpoint and help each subject stand out even more.


Since the Coursera On The Go app is free, it is a great thing to have with you especially on the go.

It is a beneficial tool in enhancing your knowledge on subjects that interest you or subjects you may have never even heard of. It will definitely be an app that will keep you preoccupied and a good use of your time as well.

With the option of trying out the free version firsthand, the paid version of the app might be of interest to you as well, especially with its added bonuses and perks.

Course3Android Apps Review Details: Coursera On The Go Free is Free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

You may download it now from Google Play.

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