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The Top Android Apps for Back-to-School

The Top Android Apps for Back-to-School

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The kids are heading back to school! You love this season, because you can finally get your routine back. It helps when you have useful tools to make the transition from summer and vacations to fall and school much easier.

All you need are some of the top Android apps designed for the back-to-school season. The following lists the best of the best when comes to organizing a student’s life.


1) Studious (free)
This free special scholar based calendar lets students create their own customized work weeks. Anyone, whether a middle school or college student, can enter their class and homework schedule into Studious for a streamlined and easy to read PDA.



One can even take notes in the app to keep all of their information organized in one place. It also reminds you when tests or projects are coming up. One of the best things that Studious does is automatically turn off a phone’s buzzer off while in class – genius!


2) Wake Voice Trial (free, $2.99 full)
Having an alarm clock app on your Android phone or Android tablet will come in handy when waking up for an 8 a.m class! There are many alarm clocks on the Android market.

One of the best is Wake Voice that can be personalized with your own voice or a loved one’s. It also turns off when you yell at it to shut off. This app is perfect for people who hate searching for the phone in the mornings.


3) Webster’s Dictionary+Thesaurus (free)
This free download is a must for anybody who reads and is definitely one of those “must have” apps for anyone in school. It allows you to locate a word you don’t understand with context and find similar alternative words so you don’t wind up repeating the same word over and over again.

It could even help you keep on top of your test scores if you read it for fun! It’s an all around great tool – promise, take it from me, a perpetual student!


4) RealCalc Scientific Calculator (free)
A calculator comes in handy even if you or your kids aren’t enrolled in a math class. However, a scientific calculator will let you perform all the harder tasks you might need for a statistics, calculus or trig class.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

The best one on the Android market, without a doubt, is the RealCalc Scientific Calculator. It’s easy to use, free, has received over 70,000 5 star rating on Google Play, and will make your homework much easier!


5) Pocket (free)
Pocket is a must for anyone who does copious amounts of research on the web. You can save pages to read leader with this handy application. It’s worth its weight in gold, but luckily, it’s free, although something tell me it won’t always be, so it’d be wise to download it now!

As you can see, there are plenty of applications that will make your life easier at school. You just need to find the tools to help keep you organized and stay on top of your projects. Additional tools like a calculator and a dictionary help too!


Joseph Rodriguez writes about all things related to education. His recent work is a series on the cheapest online colleges.

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