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Stay Monetarily Connected with AntSaver Free

Stay Monetarily Connected with AntSaver

Price: Free
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Looking for an app that will keep you up to date on your spending and saving habits, not only of yourself, but also your family and loved ones? How about an app that can also be synced and accessed on as many devices as you like? Then the AntSaver app from developer Aliz is just the app for you!


The AntSaver app is your key to staying organized and on top of things within your family or network. Get started by creating an account through the app. Once that is done, begin keeping track of you and others expenses through this handy app.

It has the ability to sync across multiple devices, so as a family, you all can stay connected and on track together. Document details about all of your expenses, or create lists for various shopping sprees, use and save templates based on specific categories, and even keep track of your spending habits with charts and graphs!

Everything is super customizable and can be based on you or your family’s needs and wants. Additional bonuses are that this app supports multiple languages for your convenience, and it also has its own data backup facility (that is why you need to initially create an account) just in case of an unforeseeable event.

Appearance and Layout

AntSaver Android App Review

AntSaver Android App Review

With diverse and multiple functions that the AntSaver app has to offer, the more simplistic its background and image features are, the better, which is what this app is all about. With easy to use features, and also easy to read templates, not only is this app beneficial to use, but it is appealing to use.

Every function is cleared laid out and marked, and all you have to do is input the right information to keep it and yourself on track.


The fact that the AntSaver app is offered at no charge is fantastic! It is very helpful and convenient app, and whether you want to sync it across multiple devices or just simply use it for your own individual leisure, it still provides more than enough tools to keep you financially in check and informed.

Whether you consider yourself a shopaholic or a thrifty spender, this app will definitely keep you aware of how much you are spending, and could be saving!

Ant3Android Apps Review Details: AntSaver is Free. This app’s Android requirement requires 2.2 and up.

You can download AntSaver from the Google Play.

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