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Top 5 Best Free Android Apps for Car Shopping

Top 5 Best Free Android Apps for Car Shopping

When Apple coined the phrase, “There’s an app for that,” who knew it was a clear projection into the future? A few years later, both iPhone and Android have experienced an app boom with more than 800,000 different apps each, according to Time Magazine’s Techland.

As vehicles become more sophisticated, so do the ways we shop for them. Gone are the days when buying a car resembled a pressure-cooker game of chess; endless information on the Internet and smartphone apps have made us smarter consumers.

There’s no reason anyone shouldn’t drive away from a used or new car purchase feeling like he or she got the best deal possible. Here are a few Android-based apps for car shopping.

Vinny – Used Car VIN Scanner

Finally, you have a friend in the used car business, and his name is Vinny the Used Car Scanner, from Green Sky Labs, Inc. Simply scan the VIN (Get it? Vehicle identification number = VIN = Vinny?) barcode on the driver’s door frame.

vinnyThe app will display the wholesale price of the vehicle based on millions of transactions. You can then add pictures and information such as the asking price and share the vehicle with friends and family members and make adjustments based on the condition and mileage of the car.

You can easily compare the wholesale price of the vehicle to current book values or other retail values.

Car Loan Calculator Free

While most people pay attention to the sticker price of the vehicle, others pay attention to the other set of important numbers, which are the finance numbers.

The Car Loan Calculator Free app provides an amortization table that breaks down payments, total interest, early payoff benefits, and principal payment options.

You can even get a better grasp on the cost of owning the vehicle by calculating the gas and other maintenance items. This app allows you to input an optional sales tax and calculations for insurance.

Car Fuel Economy

One of the biggest downsides to purchasing a used vehicle is the lack of on-the-spot information about the vehicle’s fuel economy. The Car Fuel Economy app takes the MPG guessing out of purchasing a used vehicle. It allows you to compare the fuel economy of vehicles by year, make, and model and compare two models.


While dealerships like DriveTime may offer a full selection of SmartWay fuel-efficient cars, this app will let you know the manufacturer’s exact fuel ratings.

How To Buy a Car

The How to Buy a Car app offers helpful steps that will make choosing the right car a simplified process. The app incorporates the factors that matter the most to you, such as your budget and the cost of maintaining the vehicle into your decision.

The app also offers valuable tips that can forever change your car buying experience.


The sporty CarFax fox has made his way to your mobile device to allow you to effectively track you car’s service history. This handy app allows you to get helpful maintenance reminders about your car, get repair costs, find local shops, add your own service records, and much more.

You even can manage the history for up to five of your vehicles and view the recommended service schedule from the manufacturer.



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Guest Author: Joann Ackley, a Detroit native, Joann comes from a long line of automotive industry workers. She writes about cars and green vehicle technology from her home.

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