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Type with Perfection with KeyZag Keyboard Free

Type with Perfection with KeyZag Keyboard

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KeyZag Keyboard
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Do you find typing on your device to be a burden due to its small spacing and lettering? Want an app that can make your typing life so much easier? Then the KeyZag Keyboard app from developer Microth, Inc. is just the app for you!


For those with Android devices, one of the major complaints is the size of the typing keys on the keyboard and the frequent mistakes and errors that come about due to the tight spacing. Even those with smaller fingers find it difficult to type a word correctly, especially in a fast paced environment.

Well, say goodbye to cramped keyboard typing with the KeyZag Keyboard app! The app offers a unique take on the traditional keyboard style by offering a zigzag type layout, which enhances spacing and fingertip room with every type motion.

App recognition prevents mistypes and helps narrow down the likelihood of typing something incorrectly. “Swiping” action is still available for those who are accustomed to that format of typing.

Appearance and Layout

KeyZag Keyboard Android App Review

KeyZag Keyboard Android App Review

With large alphabetical, numerical, and symbolic buttons, the KeyZag Keyboard app is great for users young and old, and especially those who have a harder time typing correctly or viewing small fonts.

Simple to use features along with the app layout still keeping the traditional “QWERTY” format, so typing is not only recognizable, but also simplified. With a monochromatic color setting, lettering and numbers are easy to find and use.

This app boasts a universal concept that is not only useful to everyday users, but appealing as well with it s unique and beneficial features.


The KeyZag Keyboard app is offered for free, and what better way to facilitate your daily tasks and social networking than with a bigger and better keyboard?

Never go through the hassle of sending a message that might give off the wrong context, or worrying about multiple spelling and grammatical errors when typing on the go. Always be reassured when you are browsing for something or some place that you will be typing in just what you need or are looking for.

This app not only makes your life easier, but makes you even look better in your replies and responses! Simplify your typing style with the KeyZag Keyboard app today!

Key3KeyZag Keyboard requires 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

You may download KeyZag Keyboard from the Google Play.

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