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Always Know Where Your Phone Is with Mobile Tracking Free

Always Know Where Your Phone Is with Mobile Tracking

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Mobile Tracking
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Looking for an app that will help you keep track of where your phone is at all times? How about multiple devices at the same time? Then the Mobile Tracking app from developer Autoleaders is just the app for you!


 Think of the Mobile Tracking app as your personal device GPS tracking system. This app grants you the capability to track and monitor your device and its geographical standing any time of the day. In addition, you can view the device’s tracking history up to six months in the past. We imagine that in certain business (and other) situations this historical record can be quite valuable.

Additional functions such as a built in compass, altitude detector, note keeper, voice and video recorder, and chat messaging are just some other cool features this app also has to offer. For example, you can record a voice message and associate it with a specific location.

This is a very cool feature and can act as a business trip/travel/vacation journal. Want to make sure your family and friends can be notified in times of unexpected trouble? This app allows you send a help SMS message to a pre-set phone number in times of emergencies. Not only can you keep track of your device, but also devices that belong to other members in your family.

Appearance and Layout

Mobile Tracking Android App Review

Mobile Tracking Android App Review

Although the initial setup of the Mobile Tracking app maybe a bit lengthy and confusing for some at first, all steps and processes taken after the setup should be smooth sailing (refer to the developer’s website for accurate installation).

Clear and defined maps that pinpoint the device’s location make it easy for you to make note and record memos of distinct places and locations. Monochromatic color schemes and backdrops make each app feature easier to figure out and use according to its main purpose.

Personalization is enhanced with the multiple options made available with this app so you can make the app cater to you and your specific device.


The Mobile Tracking app is one of great value, especially those who are specifically looking for this type app with its type of function. For those who want a consistent peace of mind and sense of security, then this app will provide that for them.

For parents and/or guardians who want to keep a constant eye out on their children, then this app will be worth the extra tracking that they are looking for. Since the app is offered for free of charge, it does not hurt to make sure you know where your own individual device along with your family members’ devices are so you can prevent further loss and mishaps.

Track3Mobile Tracking requires 1.6 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

You may download Mobile Tracking from the Google Play.


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