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5 Cool (and Free!) Android Apps for Your Holiday Road Trip

5 Cool (and Free!) Android Apps for Your Holiday Road Trip

Nearly 44 million Americans are expected to head out for the 2013 holiday season, says AAA.

By train, plane or car, the roads and sky will be full of unprepared people. Don’t be one of them. Check out these travel apps for your Android phone or tablet before you hit the trail.

If you’re new to the Android world and are looking for a smartphone, consider how you’ll use the device. When browsing through sites such as, examine the sizes and special features.

Any Android phone will run these apps, but if your phone is too big or too complicated to use, you won’t enjoy using it to enhance your travel adventure.

TripIt Travel Organizer

Start your trip by having everything organized in one place. Get rid of that pocket full of papers and use TripIt to manage your itinerary.

tripjournalAvailable for free on your Android device, or 99 cents for the ad-free version, just forward your confirmation emails to TripIt and it will capture and record the right information.

Flights, rental cars and hotels will be saved with all of the confirmation numbers, dates, times and prices.

You also can update the information with your own notes. It keeps you synced when using multiple devices such as a laptop, smartphone and tablet. An offline mode lets you view information when you have no network access.

Hotel Tonight

Halfway to your destination you discover there has been a change in plans and Uncle Joe will be staying at your brother’s house. You have to find a hotel in the next hour for you and your family. CNet recommends Hotel Tonight, free for Android users.

Using the GPS location on your phone, this app will try to find you the best deals at the closest hotels. Or you can specify the location.

Hotels often have last minute deals to try to fill up their rooms. If you need help, Hotel Tonight has 24/7 customer service so you won’t be left out in the dark.

Trip Journal Lite

A few days into your trip, you wish that you had taken more photos and recorded your experiences.

Trip Journal will help you document your trip and share it with friends. Available for Android users for free, or you can get the premium version for $2.99, the app received awards from Google for best design.

Trip Journal integrates with Google Earth and captures real-time waypoints, photos and comments. Others can follow your travels, step by step. Easily integrated with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, you can post your trip experiences as they happen.

No more getting home and forgetting the name of that quaint little cafe where you had breakfast in Venice.

GasBuddy – Find Cheap Gas

It’s one of the most common problems on the road. You’ve been driving for hours and realize you need gas. And you’re in unfamiliar territory.


USA Today says your problem is solved with the GasBuddy app. Available for free on an Android device, you can search for gas stations in your area or in a particular location.

This is a simple but helpful app. It is user-supported and records gas prices when you stop to fill up. You can see how recent the update is before you take off on the back roads to find cheaper gas.

Field Trip

This is a free app from Google for your Android smartphone or tablet. As you drive across the country, Field Trip alerts show up on your phone when you’re close to an interesting attraction.

You can specify your interests so mountain lookouts don’t show up if you’re afraid of heights.

When you’re not in the car you can look up directions to interesting places that you can get to by car or walking. Plus, Google owns Zagat so you’ll see reviews of nearby restaurants to help you make a decision for dinner.




This article was published in exchange for promotional consideration.

Guest Author:  Rudy Richardson is a mobile app developer from Des Moines.

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