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5 Best Free Mobile Payment Apps

5 Best Free Mobile Payment Apps

Three million business owners are using Square to process over $12 billion in payments per year, reports Inc, and these numbers only reflect the amount of money collected by a single mobile app.

With the right app, you can accept credit cards, send cash to friends and family, or pay securely at participating merchants.

The explosion of mobile payment apps has increased the amount of sales that small business owners can make, and it has made it easier for consumers to pay securely while leaving their real wallet at home.


The following apps make your smartphone into a cash register, wallet, organizational tool, and more.

Square Register

A free app that includes a free card reader, Square works with Android and iOS. After merchants swipe a card, Square encrypts the data and sends it to its secure servers.

This is much safer than having customer financial data stored on your phone, and you never have to worry about having your customers’ data compromised.

In addition to letting you collect payments, Square Register can turn your smartphone into a cash register.

Intuit GoPayment

Powered by Intuit, a top provider of accounting software, this app is an accompaniment to the company’s mobile payments service.

Merchants can use the app in conjunction with any of the Intuit credit card processing services including mobile payments, online payments, and Intuit’s ecommerce software.

The app is free, but each service carries a price. Intuit’s mobile card processing service has a swipe rate of 1.75 percent when paired with a monthly fee or a percent swipe rate if you want to skip the monthly fee.

You decide which pricing structure works for you based on the volume of sales you do each month. Keep in mind that you have to pay an extra percentage point for credit card payments that are keyed in rather than swiped.


PayPal Here

With the PayPal Here App, you can run credit card payments for a 2.7 percent fee per transaction. However, the app, which is available for Android and iOS, also lets you accept checks, track cash payments, and send invoices.

When you use PayPal Here, the funds will not be directed to your checking account as they are with most other payment apps. Instead, the funds will be sent to your PayPal account.


Mobile payments apps do more than just collect payments. Some apps allow their users to make payments as well. With LevelUp, you can buy goods and services without using conventional credit cards or cash.

Simply link your credit or debit card to your LevelUp account. When you are at a participating merchant—currently there are over 4,000 around the country—let the merchant scan your QR code. Your payment will be instantly charged to your card.

The app keeps financial data safe, but it also offers rewards to users. The more you use the LevelUp app, the more rewards you will earn.


If you frequently send or receive money from friends and family, Venmo is the mobile app for you. This app links to a pay-by-text service.

Once you’ve set up Venmo, you can easily text cash to any of your Facebook or email contacts. You can even select contacts from other networking sites. The maximum amount that can be sent and collected is $2,000 per week.

The recipient will receive a message that he has received cash, but before he can collect it, he has to open his own Venmo account. This is perfect for settling up small accounts between friends, but it can also be used to pay your rent.




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