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Lullabies Songs for Kids (Hush-a-By) Will Delight Your Child

Lullabies Songs for Kids (Hush-a-By) Will Delight Your Child


Price: Free
Lullabies Songs for Kids
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Reviewed by Arshdeep Singh

Reviewed by Arshdeep Singh

If you happen to have kids then you would probably know what this app is all about and you would be most interested in this review.

If you have small kids who don’t go to bed until you sing them a lullaby then Lullabies songs for kids (Hush-a-by), from Artem Makarov, can help you a lot. Whether you’re not feeling well, your throat is not in the best condition, you’re tired or just don’t feel like singing.

Concept and Functionality

As far as the design of the app goes, it’s really awesome. It performs the objective for which it’s made quite well and graphics are designed with young children in mind.

There’s even an option to create a playlist of your favorite songs, although at the present time there are only four possible songs. More on that later. There is also a timer option which has some cool graphics and its use is explained in a window that pops up when clicked.

This is a nice feature because if you set the timer (up to an hour) the song will play over and over again until the timer runs down.

Design and Interface


Across the top of the screen there are three icons; a pencil (playlist), a Clock (timer) and about respectively. Below you have a permanent song time slider and Play/Pause, Next and Previous buttons. Clicking on the song plays it and also you can read the lyrics, and if you like it you can easily buy that song.

Since this app is going to be used by parents, many of whom are not so techy in nature, the developer has wisely tried to make navigating the app as easy and as simple as possible, and I think he succeeds. All you need to do is open the application where you will see all the songs. From there you can select one to play or click the pencil icon at the top to go to your playlist.

Considering the function of the app I feel that app does it well because there is nothing extra unrelated in it not even ads which are generally disturbing for people. But the place where I felt app lacks is the number of songs. You get one song for free and there are three additional songs, each of which cost $1, or you can buy all three for $1.50.

Overall Value

Overall, I liked the app and see where it may be really useful to many parents. As far as the design, navigation and functionality are concerned, I think the app does great in these departments. It’s a simple app with a singular purpose that is simple to use and navigate.

The biggest issue I had with the app is its limited collection of songs and no ability to play any other songs you might have on your device. The developer does say, however, that an update is in the works and would go live soon where more songs will be added.


Lullabies Songs for Kids requires Android  2.3.3 and up.

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  1. Good App ! try this one also :
    Made by parents for parents with 10 hours of different songs

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