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Beat the Storm with Weather Route Free

Beat the Storm with Weather Route

Price: Free
Weather Route
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Want to know how the weather is wherever your travels and plans take you, and every step of the way? Then the Weather Route app from developer Voyage Games LLC is just the app for you!


The Weather Route app allows any user to view and be informed about weather conditions and updated status.

It is the ultimate app for people who are planning a trip where knowing the weather along the way is very important (think motorcycle ride or long bicycle trip), or are traveling around areas that happen to have extreme changes in weather conditions often.

Just plug in the “to” and “from” locations of your whereabouts and you will be presented with a detailed list of weather and even traffic conditions of your route. Look up specific sections of your route that seem more uncertain and check the exact weather status in current time.

Won’t be making it your destination in one day? No worries! There is a handy slider that lets you easily see the weather for the waypoints over an extended time frame so you will be fully prepared.

Appearance and Layout

Weather Route Android App Review

Weather Route Android App Review

The Weather Route app makes it really easy for people on the constant go to see what the weather will be like mile per mile. With side by side town/city forecasts, users can have a better idea of what they may be facing as they get closer to their destination.

Want to see what conditions actually look like? With the traffic camera option, you can do just that. This feature is currently only available in the following states: California, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, and Washington, but more states will soon be made available. Its monochromatic backdrops and bright bold font work really well for looking up conditions of your trip in a very clear manner.

This version of the app does run advertisements, but they do not present to be a major distraction.


This is the free version of the Weather Route app so like mentioned previously it does contain advertisement banners. They are not that in your face, but if you still find them bothersome you can upgrade the app to the paid version for $0.99 in the Android Market which contains no ad for your viewing convenience.

This weather app caters to almost everyone’s needs and in a unique way too, and has more value than you can bargain for.

Great for daily commuters, and the absolute perfect app for frequent travelers,  never let the weather conditions catch you by surprise on your journey again.

Weather3Weather Route requires 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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