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The World’s Most Expensive Android Phones: Making You and Your Wallet Feel Better, Screw by Screw

The World’s Most Expensive Android Phones: Making You and Your Wallet Feel Better, Screw by Screw

Think that phone you bought your teenagers this Holiday Season is chewing a fat hole in your wallet? Then let us be the first to guide you to the truth. You see, there’s an entire world of luxury Android devices out there, and if that new Galaxy model is your biggest concern, you’re not in it.

The luxury phone market, that is. To prove it, here are five of the world’s most expensive Android phones. Starting with:

1. The Lamborghini T700

    Price: $2,750

As you might expect, a phone produced by Lamborghini is every bit as expensive as their signature cars—though with a lot less yellow paint.

The device is part of a collaboration with Prada, and is covered from head to toe in fancy gear, wildly luxurious materials, and downright ridiculous parts. For instance, the surface is Sapphire glass, the sides gold-plated, and the camera—well, actually that’s just a 5MP shooter. Nothing to write home about there. But the Lambo crest at the top of the back is easily worth the almost three grand you’ll pay for this bad boy!

2. Tag Heuer Racer

Price: $3,700

Out of all the luxury phones we’ve seen, this is actually one of our favorites. It has a more practical design inspired by Formula 1 racers. For instance, this just shy of $4k phone features poly-carbon and titanium accents, a shockproof rubber chassis, and what the company is calling a “customizable 3D-interface.” Whatever that means.

But in terms of fragility, this is the first super phone we’ve seen that we wouldn’t mind dropping. It looks as though it could handle a high-speed crash, much less a drop to the pavement from a meter up.

3. Ulysses Nardin’s The Chairman

Price: up to $49,500

This one is quite a doozy, and as far as we know the most expensive Android phone out there. The phone is constructed by a man usually associated with high-end watches, and the attention to detail that he’s known for appears here as well.

What’s special about it? Well, you can wind it up like a watch to give it a little power. It has a unique interface designed around Android. And the buttons look like watch buttons.

And the price is simply phenomenal, too! What a steal.

4. & 5. The Vertu TI / Constellation
Price: Don’t Even Ask (starting at $10,000)

Clocking in last on our list, these two phones are easily our favorite. The entire feel of these small, handmade English phones is sleek, modern, cryptic, and almost MI-5 in nature. Every Vertu phone is built by hand in a small (but totally luxurious) headquarters in England. The parts are manufactured by human power, and only when a machine is absolutely needed is one used.

The company has a nice video here showing the process of constructing their latest, classiest model, the Constellation. It’s all sleek edges, stark leather, and Monolith-Sequa touch screen power. Their now slightly older TI model is no less elegant, and can be comfortably priced at just $10,000.

What do you get for all that money? In terms of performance and power, nothing you wouldn’t get with any of the other large distributors. But what do you get in terms of status? Mostly, a Kanye West sized ego. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s got a few of these.


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