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Stay Up to Date on All Things India with India News Free

Stay Up to Date on All Things India with India News

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India News
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest news relating to India and you’re looking for an app that combines your favorite and renowned news websites all together for easier viewing, then we would like to suggest you check out  India News from developer Genesis Technology Partners. It may be just the perfect app for you!


The India News app makes it convenient for readers to view popular news and buzz regarding India, Indian politics, Indian lifestyle and culture, and even news from all around the world. For news junkies with a particular interest in all things Indian, it doesn’t get any better than this app.

If you’re tired and do not have the time to keep on clicking back and forth from various new sites, then this app is a lifesaver. News selections include bits and pieces from sources such as: Times of India, Indian Express, Daily News and Analysis, Economic Times, Business Standard, India Today, and much more.

When you download the app you’ll be glad that it doesn’t require any extended permissions, although we’re not sure why it includes the permission ‘find accounts on the device’ since it does not require a login using Facebook or even email to get started. Yes there is an ad bar at the bottom, and having the option of eliminating that would be nice, but it really isn’t distracting or annoying.

As you scroll down you load more stories but there is no way to target the news sources. We would like to see some user options such as specifying which news sources you want, or don’t want and which categories of news are of most interest such as finance, sports, technology, politics, etc.

Appearance and Layout

Simplicity is the key factor with India News and really sets it apart among news readers. We love its overall design that makes viewing and filtering extremely easy. With multiple websites displayed all at once with top headlines or news stories, you can automatically peruse the topics and see which ones catch your attention the most.

India News Android App Review

India News Android App Review

Select that particular one and view it in full screen mode to focus on that particular article. Easy maneuvering back and forth from the main title page to article to article make the searching and viewing process even more simple.

The absence of glaring fonts and distracting titles enhance the viewing visibility and news readability.


The India News app is free of charge, and it is a great source of news and current information related to India and events across the world.

News and current events details should be offered for free, and to have a group of popular sites all combined in one app makes it convenient and stress free for its readers. We’d like to see some user control over the news you do see but as a general news reader is works great.

Whether you are on the go or are taking a break, catch up on what is happening in India and around the world with the India News app today!

India3India News requires 2.3.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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