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Dodge Your Way Through Space with Gravitable Free

Dodge Your Way Through Space with Gravitable

Price: Free
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Love games that challenge you to better your previous accomplishments? Combine that play concept with a silly monkey and flying space objects and you got yourself the Gravitable game app from developer Online Marketing Solutions.


The object of the Gravitable game is to help Able the Monkey meander his way through space with the absence of gravity and the constant flybys of random flying objects. Ensure that Able the Monkey dodges the objects successfully and at the same time power ups such as battery packs, lasers guns, and oxygen bubbles.

These will all help Able go up to faster speed and help both of you earn additional points. Certain special maneuvers such as reversing on the flying objects will help Able get rid of the objects, and also something as simple as giving Able a banana to snack on will increase his health benefits.

Every time you successfully help Able the Monkey dodge his way past objects through space, higher levels will be achieved and the game speed will also increase adding to the challenge.

Appearance and Layout

Gravitable Android App review

Gravitable Android App review

Gravitable boosts a good combination of goofy graphics with fast paced motion and animation. This combo appeals to young and older players alike. Able the Monkey will make you laugh, and you helping him dodge foreign objects and accelerate at faster speeds will thrill you at the same time.

The game premise itself makes the app easy to figure out and game play instantaneous. It is the challenges and increase of levels that creates a sense of difficulty and excitement.


Gravitable is offered free of charge, and it is an excellent game for players of all ages and backgrounds. Younger users will love the app’s humorous animation and graphics, while adult players will enjoy the progressing challenge of the game itself.

Not only would this be the go-to game for break times, long line waits, and something for the kids to be amused by, but also a game to keep the daily stress at bay.

The next time you feel like venting or needing to cool off, pick up your device and play some Gravitable. Guaranteed  you will be lost in space in no time!

Gravitable3Gravitable requires 2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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