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Jazz Up Your Selfies With Selfie

Jazz Up Your Selfies With Selfie

Price: Free
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Reviewed by Jim Desposito

Reviewed by Jim Desposito

If you’re into taking selfies, and who isn’t, then you owe it to yourself to up your game by using this fun app. Selfie, from Online Marketing Solutions, is as easy to use as it is fun. Simply start the app, press the camera icon, take a selfie, and add one or more of the small cartoon faces, emoticons, to your pic.

There are 35 emoticons to choose from covering everything from simple smiling, frowning and crying to holiday-themed faces with hearts, santa caps, fireworks, and even a pumpkin face for Halloween.

Features and Functionality

Just tap the emoticon on the left side of your screen that you want and then tap where on your selfie you want it to appear. Once you have the images added you can then quite easily move it around, rotate it, scale it, or delete it.

The photo that you choose to “enhance” , whether you take a new selfie or use an existing photo or image on your phone, can have all sorts of effects added to it. These include sepia, vintage, posterize, and solarize; 17 different special effects in all. Add a frame, some text, maybe a freehand drawing, and you’re good to go.

Selfie Android App Review

Selfie Android App Review

Best of all it’s very easy to use and looks just terrific on a full HD screen, like what you find on the Galaxy S4 or similar device. The large amount of real estate and high image quality of this caliber of smartphone make this app a breeze to work with and the images very sharp.

Design and Interface

It’s obvious the developers have spent many hours getting the UI just right. With all the options available in an app like this, what sets apart the front runners from the rest is the attention to detail around usability. After all, what good is having all the various effects and options if you can’t find them or have to wade through level upon level of menus to get to them?

Selfie is designed well and for all the options it provides it’s truly an app that you can have fun with in just 30 seconds or less after starting it. When you’re done, sharing the fruits of your labor couldn’t be easier, including cloud storage, texts, email and social sites. There is also a guide behind the “?” for when do need a hand, but most times you won’t need it.

Overall Value

What makes an app valuable is when you use it, and trust us on this, this app will get used over and over again. It does have a small ad at the top, and once in a while will show you a full screen ad that you can quickly eliminate, but hey, it’s free. And, more importantly, you’ll have some laughs and so will the people you share your masterpieces with.

So enough with the boring selfies, up your game with Selfie!


Selfie‘s requirements vary with device. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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