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Fronto: Earn Money by Simply Unlocking Your Phone (For Real!)

Fronto: Earn Money by Simply Unlocking Your Phone (For Real!)


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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

One of the main reasons we like to write about the Android platform has to do with its wiggle room. There are things that can be done for Android phones that simply can’t be done for their Windows or Apple cousins. For instance, how would you like to earn $20 a month simply by unlocking your phone?

That is exactly what Fronto, from Fronto, aims to do, and in all actuality, it works incredibly well. It puts advertisements and other promotional content right on your lock screen, and to earn money, simply swipe it away.

If that’s got you chomping at the bit for more, you need only to slide on down below the break.

Concept and Functionality

Fronto for Android

Fronto for Android

We’re surprised we haven’t seen Fronto’s concept anywhere before, as it’s simple, elegant, and incredibly rewarding. As mentioned earlier, the app simply puts adverts and other promotional features on your lock screen itself.

You see them when you press your phone’s power button, and you can simply choose to ignore most (if not all) of them. To get to you phone, just slide to the right as you normally would.

However, if you want to see more of the item in question, you need only to slide to the left, and a  corresponding web page will be pulled up. It’s simple, quick, and incredibly user friendly.

What do we like most about this setup? Most assuredly, it’s the fact that you can earn a little extra money every month by doing something you’re already doing.

You are already unlocking your phone (hundreds of times a day, if you’re like us) so why not cash-in? It makes perfect sense to us, and it’s a useful utility bolstered by the fact that Fronto is neither obtrusive nor annoying.

Design and Graphics

Along those lines, we’re very happy to report that this is a Top Shelf production here. Installing Fronto is very uncomplicated, as is using it. For every swipe, you earn points. These points correspond to certain actions, but there’s an approximate exchange rate of 2,500 points to $1 USD.

In other words, it will not bog down your phone, and as far as we can tell (granted, there’s little interface involved here) is one stunning application. The app itself guides you through your rewards with a minimalist interface, and we could not be happier with this packaging.

Overall Value

We don’t say this about every application we review, so listen up: Fronto is one of the coolest new ideas we’ve seen on the Google Play Store in a while.

It’s inventive, beneficial to the user, and incredibly painless. These are all things we like, and if you’re at all interested, you might as well give it a download. Even if you never use its promotional items, at least you’ll still earn some pocket cash.

FrontoFronto requires Android  2.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Actually, there have been two other Android apps that tried something similar to Fronto, but had to change their platforms due to financial reasons: Locket and tTap. tTap ended up changing things so that only folks who lived in a certain geographic area (Kansas City? Milwaukee?–somewhere in that general region). Locket awards nothing upon unlocking your phone anymore, and I think it only awards you via task wall activities. I’m hoping Fronto will continue to thrive and won’t go to the wayside like Locket and tTap.

  2. Ha! Haaaaa! Thank you Luke!

    But before you (the reader) sign in under Luke’s link, or under mine ( — and get up to 60P to start )

    let’s first! Takes a minute to set up, and seconds to get paid … everyday!


    I have been using this great reward discovery app showing my favorites on the front of my phone. By simply waking up your phone as usual, you will earn real cash rewards everyday. That easy!

  4. Download the app using my referral link and you will get an automatic .50 cents! (I will too hence my code!) but it is truly worth it, and plus every time some one who uses your code you will get .50 cents again and again, there is no limit to how many invites you can get paid for, so download NOW and start earning and inviting right away!!
    That’s think link shown above ^^^ and again below..
    Try it now! It’s FREE!

  5. I have tried to resolve this issue for a while now and I still have no help cashing my money the stupid app keeps telling me that it is the wrong Password and I have reset my password and I log in with my Facebook account anyway .please help or I can not gave a good rating

  6. I have been using Fronto for quite a while now, maybe a year, give or take a few months. It is incredibly easy to use, and they do have quite a few awesome articles to look at. However, I really don’t feel that this article is an accurate portrayal of how much you can earn by using Fronto. As I said previously, I’ve been a user for a while, and I have yet to cash in even once. I’m currently working my way towards a Paypal payment of $50, which is 128,750 points. I hav exactly 60, 777 poits, and that is from a combination of unlocking, watching videos, and downloading apps that were being promoted. Nearly 9,000 of my points were from downloading apps. Without downloading the apps, this supposed $20 every month is impossible. On a sidenote: check out my blog, I will be posting soon!

  7. It’s a great app to earn some spending money! I’ve been using it for a couple of months and I can vouch for it.

  8. For 3000 points use fronto3k

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