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Soar Above Enemy Lines with Firestorm Lite Free

Soar Above Enemy Lines with Firestorm Lite

Price: Free
Firestorm Lite
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Love flying concept games and aviation arcade style games? Do you like to experience the thrill of battling enemy foes and protecting your home turf while racking up victory points and bonuses along the way? Then the Firestorm game app from developer RCJ Productions is just the perfect app for you!


In Firestorm you’ll be soaring above and fighting your way through from your very own aerial point of view. Manual type controls are done by either the sense of your fingertips or your device’s accelerometer.

Your goal is to battle enemy intruders and accumulate as many points and power ups along the way. With power ups you can obtain better weapons, defense, and speed increase. With 28 different stages to play through featured in an endless arcade style, try to top other players and friends and get your spot on the leader boards. Vary up the level of difficulties to challenge yourself even more.

Appearance and Layout

Firestorm Lite Android App Review

Firestorm Lite Android App Review

Although the overall appearance of Firestorm does come off a bit on the flat and one dimensional side, its game play and animation make up for any presence of lackluster. With constant motion and action, put the absence of stellar graphics and imagery aside, and you got yourself one addicting game.

The actual visual aspect of how to play the game and its primary motive is easy to figure out, but its various levels and multiple suspense attacks will keep you challenged and on your toes.

Since this is the “Lite” version of the app, it does contain advertisements. If you want to play the version that does not contain ads, you can choose to purchase the full version of the app.


This is the free version of the Firestorm game app, and it comes with its many perks and entertainment. It is a great game for players of all ages. Its universal battle and defeat enemy game premise will be enjoyed by gamers as they feel the thrill of each victory and level up.

As mentioned previously this is the “Lite” version of the game, so for those who want to play without the distraction of advertisements, there is a full version available for purchase here.

Fire3Firestorm Lite requires 2.1 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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