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Nun Attack Origins: Yuki Slashes onto Android

Nun Attack Origins: Yuki Slashes onto Android

Price: $1.99
Nun Attack Origins: Yuki
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Nun Attack Origins: Yuki by developer Frima Studios is a new hack-n-slash puzzler game. Set as a pre-quel to the popular Nun Attack game, this Android game offers 90 different levels and a village repair system to keep gamers interested, all while exploring the origin of Yuki.


Nun Attack Origins: Yuki follows one of the main characters in the popular game, Nun Attack. Yuki used to be a nun for a small tribal village. However, the village was attacked by evil monsters, and it’s up to Yuki to rescue the children while slaying the scary beasts.

Nun Attack Origins: Yuki game play has players swiping to send Yuki flying through the level, taking out the monsters, while also avoiding traps.

Players have to carefully plan each attack (swipe) by aiming just right and by making sure the enemy monster isn’t facing them (stealth game play).


Nun Attack Origins: Yuki Android Game Review

They also will face Fruit-Ninja style levels, where they need to avoid the bombs while slashing the food! Each level has 3 main objectives (number of swipes, time, and number of kids rescued) , and beating each one results in stars (ninja stars) for each one, which can be used to rebuild the village for the children to live in.

Overall, game play feels fun and is a great mixture of puzzle with action.

Appearance and Layout

Graphics are superb in Nun Attack Origins: Yuki. Each character (from Yuki to the Lizardmen she fights) looks excellently rendered. The animations, especially the rewarding slow-motion (Matrix-esque) are top-notch as well.

Backgrounds, including the various level themes are great. It’s apparent the developers of Nun Attack Origins: Yuki have put serious work into their graphic design! The layout is easy to use as well, and the handy well-designed tutorial breaks down the game play to a manageable level. This is a very nice feature that we wish more games would follow.


Nun Attack Origins: Yuki is a fun, light puzzle and slash game. Combing a little bit of Fruit Ninja with sling-shot style mechanics. The bottom line is that Nun Attack Origins: Yuki is a blast to play!

It’s a tad more pricey at $1.99 but the 90 different levels are worth it! Gamers looking for a little action-puzzle gaming will likely enjoy Nun Attack Origins: Yuki and we can heartily recommend it from Android Apps Review, definitely a 5/5 app!

qrcode.22549268Nun Attack Origins: Yuki requires 2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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