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Fire Stopper: A Puzzle That Won’t Leave You High and Dry

Fire Stopper: A Puzzle That Won’t Leave You High and Dry

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Fire Stopper
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Here at the Android App Review, it’s no secret that we’re quite fond of puzzlers. In fact, we’re the most fond of puzzles that bring something interesting and different to the table. With this in mind, we’re quite happy to be looking at a new title called Fire Stopper, from Stephanie Peck, today.

It provides one of the more unique concepts we’ve seen in a while, combining water, moving boxes, and a few other elements to create a wholly unique title. It also lets you play a character with a funny hat—which is quite nice on its own.

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Concept and Gameplay

Fire Stopper for Android

Fire Stopper for Android

The core idea at the heart of Fire Stopper is built around moving up and down a ladder. You’ll do this in the guise of a wee firefighter.

Move into position, aim your firehose, and then let it rip! You’ll need to put out all of the fires on each level—hence the name—using as little water as possible in order to score the most points.

Now, at first glance this seems rather easy. And of course, the first few levels are happy to leave you with that impression. But if you dive deeper, you’ll quickly need to manipulate your environment to get all three fire hydrants (like stars in Angry Birds).

You’ll have to shift boxes, lift levers and elevators, move spinning valves, and a host of other conundrums. All of these quickly equal a harsh yet rewarding puzzling environment, and one that will keep you entertained for quite some time.

On that note, we’d just like to point out that we’re not sure where else you’d find firefighter-style puzzling action on the Android platform. That alone certainly makes Fire Stopper a catch!

Design and Graphics 

Is Fire Stopper the best looking game that we’ve seen recently on the Android platform? Well, no. It’s quite clear that this was not a large development title. But, that being said, it’s certainly not hard on the eyes. In fact, we quite liked the cuter graphics.

The particle effects here are nice as well, and when you add up the sum total of what Fire Stopper is sporting, we’re not disappointed.

Overall Value

And for an app that you can download and begin playing without having spent a dime, we dig what Fire Stopper is putting down—or out, we suppose. It’s a quality puzzler with an inventive concept and a lot of potential. As the developers continue to push out new content, we can only imagine that Fire Stopper will continue to improve.

And with that, we give it a mighty tip of our firefighter’s cap. This is one puzzle app that is sure to engage and entertain.

Fire StopperFire Stoppper requires Android  4.0 and up.

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