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REAkT Is an Addicting Game That Tests Your Reflexes

REAkT Is an Addicting Game That Tests Your Reflexes

Price: Free
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

REAkT, developed by David Johansson, is a challenging game for Android that will test your reflexes, timing, and patience. This great new game has a very vintage feel to it, as well as a few neat features.

Concept and Gameplay

Personally I’m a huge fan of games that are incredibly simple to play, but are very hard to master. REAkT is definitely one of those games that will challenge and frustrate you, but the nice part is that it’s not hard to get used to playing it.

The goal of REAkT is simple: tap the button in the center of the screen when it turns green. The faster your reaction time is, the more points you’ll earn.

If you tap the button when it’s blue you lose points, and if you tap it when it’s green with a skull, the game is over. If your reaction time is pretty good, you can earn multiplier bonuses which will increase your score drastically.

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

REAkT Android Arcade Game

In terms of graphics and audio, REAkT feels very vintage and nostalgic. It almost makes me feel like I’m playing an old Nintendo game. I really like how simple the game is to play, as it doesn’t take long at all to figure out the mechanics of it.

I’ll admit that I got very frustrated with it when I first started playing because I would almost always hit the button when it was a skull, but after a while I learned to pace myself.


REAkT comes with a few neat features that make gameplay even more fun. Users can choose to play alone, with friends, or online via Google Play Games. Connecting your account to the game also allows you to earn achievements while playing and claim your spot on the leaderboard.

Unfortunately the coolest feature that REAkT offers, which is two player mode, requires you to buy the full version of the game in order to unlock it. This isn’t really a deal breaker, though, because you can still play online multiplayer.


REAkT is available to download from Google Play for free, and the full version of the game is $1.07. Purchasing the full version not only unlocks two player mode, but also disables ads.

Overall, REAkT has a very vintage feel to it that is reminiscent of the 8-bit glory days. The free version should suit you just fine if you don’t plan on playing side-by-side with anyone and the ads don’t bother you. However, if you do choose to upgrade to the full version of the game, I still feel like it’s worth it for the money.

reakt.jpgREAkT requires Android 4.0.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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