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Easily Find Great Places and Share Your Wanderings With Trover

Easily Find Great Places and Share Your Wanderings With Trover

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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Is there anything worse than wanderlust? With its powerful pull, yanking you out of the office and onto the open road. Calling you to get out of the cubicle and throw your money to the wind. It’s a powerful force, and if you’re like us, you have to keep it in check—or else you’ll find yourself in a tent with no money but lots of photos. 

To keep you on the straight and narrow, try using Trover, from a company by the same name, for the Android platform. The app makes it easier than ever to see cool things around you, and around the globe: Without leaving your armchair! 

For our full review of this wonderful app, you need only to scroll down below the break. 

Concept and Functionality

The idea behind Trover bears a lot of resemblance to other social networks, but with a much more focused draw. Rather than allowing you to post any old photo (pictures of your cat, your old family photos, etc.) it tries to narrow you down to just travel log style shots. 

Snap a photo of that cool roadside attraction. Trover will keep track of where you are, and will allow you to add further details about the spot. Others can then see your photo, and will leave comments on it. They can also add that spot to their dream lists. Those are every bit what you think they are: They serve as a quick way to jot down places you’d like to visit, even bucket list items. 

Trover for Android

Trover for Android

From the app’s dashboard you can view what’s been posted around you, even down to the mile radius. Or, you can track certain accounts via your hub to see exactly what’s being done around the world.

Best of all it’s incredibly simple, and we imagine you’ll build up a steady stream of interactions in no time. That will lead to some long wish lists, we bet! 

Design and Interface

It certainly helps Trover’s case that it looks as good as it does. You can swipe between panels on the home screen to see what’s been posted, or tap at the top to access the rest of the app. The photos themselves are displayed and arranged in an easy to navigate, very aesthetically pleasing configuration. 

We’re being snooty, but we’ll break it down in laymen’s terms: Trover is every bit as good looking as an app like Instagram, and with a specific focus, it may be more useful to some users. Best of all, it’s easy on the eyes. 

Overall Value

Considering Trover is 100% free in the Google Play Store, you have nothing to lose by downloading it and giving it a go. In fact, we would highly suggest it if you’re the traveling time. We certainly are, and we expect lots of road time with Trover yet. 

The app earns four and a half stars, as well as our solid recommendation! Now get out there and get to creating memories! 

TroverTrover requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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