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Ready, Set, and Launch Away with Stash the Nut

Ready, Set, and Launch Away with Stash the Nut

Price: Free
Stash the Nut
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

If you like strategy and problem solving games, especially ones that have a dash of goofiness and humor then the Stash the Nut game app from developer Cribys Manufactory is just the perfect app for you!


Stash the Nut adds a whole new dimension to the normal launch and point games that are out in the app market these days. The basic ideas is that you need to help the main character, a squirrel get the nut into his stash located in the tree hollow on the opposite side.

In order to accomplish this you will need to figure out ways against gravity and obstacles to somehow successfully hit the target. The realistic physics of the game add to the enjoyment of this challenge.

In order to access additional levels or be able to play other seasons, you will need to earn in-game currency, also known as “cribyses”, by sharing with your friends or downloading other games. There are twelve levels, various kind of nuts such a spiked and bomb version, and creative obstructions and tricks to keep you challenged and entertained throughout the game.

Appearance and Layout

Stash the Nut Android App Review

Stash the Nut Android App Review

Stash the Nut sports very appealing graphics and continuous animation. Bright, cheery colors and placed against seasonal backdrops and the result is that helping our hero stock up his food has never been more interesting.

Watch ice blocks, trees, electronics, bombs, and lumber teeter and go off as you launch nut after nut into the tree hollow and be amazed at all of the possibilities and ways to do so.

While you will, at times, feel like you’ve seen this game before, we love how Stash the Nut combines new gameplay features, attractive images, and relaxing background music and sound effects to provide gamers everywhere with one fun game!


Stash the Nut is offered for free and is an excellent game to play with family and friends. Think the game premise is too simple? Think again. Although the concept may seem easy and the main character and setting more on the youthful side, each level presents an additional challenging aspect.

It is up to you to figure out the best way to help the squirrel stash his nuts with the least amount of damage done and the most obstacles avoided.

Stash3Stash the Nut requires 2.3.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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