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Easily Manage Your Mobile Hotspot with Android Hotspot Free

Easily Manage Your Mobile Hotspot with Android Hotspot

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Android Hotspot
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Do you need to access your mobile hotspot for internet or emails frequently while traveling or on the go? Then the Android Hotspot app from developer Yeeron is just the perfect app for you!


With Android Hotspot the hassle of managing turning on and turning off your wi-fi hotspot is greatly simplified. Afterall, many folks are using their phones to gain access to the internet for all of their portable devices especially when on the go. This is also critical if you’re at home and your local cable or dsl internet is flaky or just not working.

Once you set up the app on a single device that has a mobile data plan and access to internet, you can always connect to it and provide wifi access to other devices. With easy “open” and “close” touch options, you won’t have to waste precious time by digging through layers of menus or trying to reconfigure access and connections each time you want to get on the internet.

Using Android Hotspot you’re able to have your PC, laptop, tablet, gaming console, or  other device that you want to connect to the internet,  instantly connect with a few taps of your fingers.

Appearance and Layout

Android Hotspot Android App Review

Android Hotspot Android App

Simplicity is the key here with the Android Hotspot app, just open the app up, adjust the settings, and sooner than later, convenient internet access is made available. Basic screen function, limited number of taps, and ease of access make this one great and beneficial app. With obvious status report, you can be assured that you will have access for all of your devices from the same one reliable source.


The Android Hotspot app is a very handy one, and very useful for those always out and about and need constant access to the internet for their other devices such as PCs, laptops, tablet, whether Android tablets or iPads, as well as other devices that need access to the internet in order to perform their intended function.

Whether you are a student, or running a business, or like to travel, this is app installed on your most reliable mobile device will prove itself worthy and highly beneficial. The best part of all? The Android Hotspot app is free of charge making easy access to the internet, anytime, and anywhere as simple as possible.

Android3 Android Hotspot requires 1.5 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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