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Attack Poker: Bringing Vicious Poker to the Android Platform

Attack Poker: Bringing Vicious Poker to the Android Platform

Price: Free
Attack Poker
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Attack Poker for Android

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Over the years, we’ve had ample opportunity to sample the market of high-quality gambling games for the Android platform. And to be honest, just about everything pales in comparison to poker. It’s a simple, classic and fun way to gamble away your (virtual) life savings. 

This is why we’re so excited to be looking at a fun poker game from Emil Interactive Games LLCAttack Poker .

The game is a brilliant and free addition to the genre, bringing along a slew of action in your pocket.

It looks good, it’s easy to pickup, and if you’re particularly good, it’s not difficult to climb the ranks and even attack another player. If you’re looking or our full review, you’ll find it below! 

Concept and Gameplay

If you have ever before played poker, then you already know how the rules to Attack Poker work. You’ll find traditional Hold ‘Em style play with a table of 2 – 10 players a piece. The rules are what you’d expect, and the action is more or less straightforward poker. 

In fact, there’s very little to differentiate the game from its competitors. Other than a couple of important points: The game is completely free to play, and, even more important than that, if the game lasts more than a round or two, there is the option to attack another player. Very cool.

You can hop on right now, and in a matter of seconds you can be competing against the highest ranked leaders. Join any table, and you’re right into the action—and without hurting your wallet!

Attack Poker for Android

Attack Poker for Android

The game also features a unique dedication to an aggressive atmosphere. There’s blood on the table, Attack Models in the wing to keep the gameplay sexy, a real cage for each match, and various other MMA inspired addendum.

It creates a truly unique presence, and one that’s infinitely more focused on the “combat” at hand, rather than just stacking up chips. 

Thought, it’s hard to imagine poker without domination of the chip-stacking sort: You’ll find plenty of it here, don’t worry! 

Design and Graphics

The more time we spend with Attack Poker, the more we actually like it. One word of advice, make sure you play with a large enough group, and play long enough, to experience attacking another player. It’s definitely worth the effort. As an example, in a 9 player room, and it might show up right after the flop.

Is the game the best-designed, best-looking poker title out there? Well, no it isn’t. But then again, the interface is easy enough to navigate, we’ve not yet had a problem with connectivity, the atmosphere is superb, and what other poker game includes fights?

This isn’t everyone’s poker tournament. If you’re already attracted to things like MMA or boxing, you’ll love what Attack Poker is putting out there. If you’re more into the speakeasy grace of a gin and tonic with chips, this may not be your cup of tea. Either way, it’s a looker that won’t leave you confused. 

Overall Value

What more can be added to this package? Attack Poker is absolutely free, takes only seconds to launch, and could dramatically change the way you play poker throughout the day.

With an Android and iPhone presence, the group of players is large, but not too large, and you’ll quickly find your niche here. And all without spending a single dime on the action.

That certainly sounds like a bargain to us!

Attack PokerAttack Poker requires Android 4.1 and up. A fee was paid for the publication of this news item.

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