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3 Seconds: The Real Color Test

3 Seconds: The Real Color Test

Price: Free
3 Seconds
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Are you a fan of matching games? How about one that is timed and offers a twist? Then the 3 Seconds app from developer flippedwave is just the perfect app for you!


3 Seconds takes the ordinary version of a typical matching game and adds a challenging aspect to it all. You will be presented with a main word whose text will be in one color but the word itself will be the name of a different color.

For example, the word might be “RED” but the letters will be colored green. Your goal is to pick from a list the word that matches the actual color of the game word, not the color name that is the word. In the example above you would look for the word “GREEN”, since you’re trying to match the color of the game word, not the color name which is “RED”.

Sound confusing? Obviously you have to pay attention since you can be easily thrown off. Another example is that the main word might the letters “BLUE” but shown in the actual color of red. So you will need to look for the word “RED” in the lower box regardless of the color of its text.

3 Seconds Android App Review

3 Seconds Android App Review

Another thing to watch for, you are being timed! You have exactly three seconds to make your correct choice. See if you are the top of the top by submitting your scores and compare to check if you are the true champ.

Appearance and Layout

With minimalistic, simple design and graphics, the primary focus of 3 Seconds is on the text and coloring themselves, since those enough can be distracting.

Easy to figure out layout and mechanics, the game alone will provide enough entertainment for anyone, but for those who don’t quite get the gist of the first time around, there is an instructions section made readily available through the main menu display .

Big, bold text makes matching a bit easier, but the mixed up, obvious coloring maintains the challenge aspect.


3 Seconds may seem pretty simple at fist but trust us, it’s brain stimulating, fun, and free! It’s an entertaining game for users of all ages and backgrounds, and is a fun way to incorporate color recognition and word identification.

Not only is this app entertaining, but it is a teachable one, and can encourage healthy learning. For those who love a bit of challenge to what appears to be a rather easy and simple game, try it and see for yourself.

seconds33 Seconds requires 3.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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