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My Data Manager: Saving You Money by Saving Your Butt

My Data Manager: Saving You Money by Saving Your Butt

Price: Free
My Data Manager – Data Usage
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We’ve all been there: It’s getting towards the end of the month, and you suddenly discover you’re neck-deep in data overage charges. All of that social media interaction, all of those YouTube videos, and the needless stream of emails have finally caught up with you. Now you’re out of pocket, and you can’t figure out how to prevent it in the future. 

Let us swoop in to the rescue! Just download and use My Data Manager, from Mobidia Technology, a free, easy-to-use utility that enables you to accurately track your usage, and adjust your preferences accordingly. It’s an incredible application, and for our full review, you need only to slide on down below the break! 

Concept and Functionality

The idea behind My Data Manger is incredibly simple, and the results are oh-so powerful. What if there were a way to accurately track what applications are using the most data, and how that affects your overall data budget for the month? In essence, that’s exactly—down to the graph of specific application use—what My Data Manger does. 

First things first with this app: When you set it up, you’ll start with your monthly limit. From there, My Data Manger will do the rest.

It will track how many bytes come down the pipes, and then show you in a single screen how that relates to your monthly budget. It will also supply you with a daily data budget, helping you regulate what you use on a 24-hour cycle. 

My Data Manager

My Data Manager

But the fun doesn’t end there! If you’re struggling to keep your data use in check, My Data Manger has plenty of additional utilities to help you out. For instance, you can see what apps are using the most data, down to the megabyte.

It also includes a number of alarm settings that will alert you when you’re nearing your limit, helping you stop the overages cold before they happen. 

Design and Interface

We’ve seen applications before that do what My Data Manger does. In fact, there are several carrier-supported options already out there. But in our minds, it’s an easy contest between My Data Manger and the competition. 

The app is simply stunning, and could not be simpler to navigate. It’s quick, efficient, and requires little effort on the front-end. All of these things add up to a package that takes no time at all to create, but one that will save you gobs of money down the road. 

And when it comes to Android applications, it just doesn’t get any better than that!

Overall Value

My Data Manger is completely free, available now in the Google Play Store. For that no-charge entry fee, you’ll get a world of useful graphs, alarms, information, and more designed to help save you money. And for those that struggle with keeping their data use in check, there simply isn’t a better way to do it than with My Data Manger. Finally, here’s a link to a video that goes over the app.

The application earns a solid recommendation from us, as well as a large tip of the hat. Well done, lads. 

My Data ManagerMy Data Manager requires Android 2.3.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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