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Test Your Color Logic with Magic Color Balls Free

Test Your Color Logic with Magic Color Balls

Price: Free
Magic Color Balls
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Like brain teaser type games? How about ones that take on the shape of classic board games? Then Magic Color Balls, a puzzle game from developer Free Game Factory, is just the perfect app for you!


The key to Magic Color Balls is to rid the board of as many balls as possible. You will be presented with a board with multiple colored balls, and it is up to you to strategize and determine thea best match and route possible.

Same colored balls can cross other similar colored balls to clear the path, but if it crosses a different colored balls or balls, the move is deemed invalid.

Balls can move in any direction (as long as it crosses the same colored ball or balls), but it cannot cross a space that is unoccupied. Once you make your match the existing neighboring colors will merge into their combination color.

For example, blue and red will become purple, green and yellow will become turquoise and so on. Think you made a wrong move? You can always undo your move through the controls on the bottom of the screen, or if you change your mind again, you can redo the previous move you just undid.

Appearance and Layout

Magic Color Balls Android App Review

Magic Color Balls Android Game

Magic Color Balls takes on the appearance of a simplistic wooden board game. There is no necessity for fancy graphics or astounding animation since the app is solely based on logic strategy.

Colors are bold and non-confusing. Menu and game functions are easily accessible and understandable. Sound effects match the game theme, being bouncy and lively, and you know immediately if you made a wrong or right move.

There are advertisements that pop up before or after a game round, but they never appear during the actual game play.


Magic Color Balls is offered free of charge, and is a great game for those who are looking for a good challenge. The game may seem confusing at first, but with assistance from the help section located on the main menu, and after a few move here and there, any player should be able to figure the gist and purpose of the game in no time.

It is a great puzzle game for players of any age who like to have a little bit of logic and strategizing in their game tactics. See how well you fare with Magic Color Balls, we think you’ll enjoy the challenge.

Magic3Magic Color Balls requires 2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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