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Hero TD – Ancient Continent Features Strategy and Addicting Gameplay

Hero TD – Ancient Continent Features Strategy and Addicting Gameplay


Price: Free
Hero TD – Ancient Continent
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Hero TD – Ancient Continent is an immersive RPG for Android that’ll have you hooked in no time. Developed by YuchGame, this free game is great for anyone who loves to customize characters and progress through a unique and immense world.

Concept and Gameplay

I’m a diehard fan of roleplaying games, so when I saw how intricate and in-depth Hero TD – Ancient Continent promised to be, I was overwhelmingly excited. The idea behind the game is to use strategy and tactics to protect the princess and fight off evildoers.

Throughout your adventures you’ll meet new friends who will eventually fight alongside you, allowing you to build the ultimate customized group of heroes.

Such a dauntingly detailed game would be almost impossible to figure out without a complex tutorial, and luckily Hero TD – Ancient Continent delivered. There’s a lengthy guide for new players that will show you how to get started on the Ancient Continent.

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Hero HD – Ancient Continent Android Game

From battling to upgrading characters and getting them equipped, the tutorial covers pretty much everything you need to know when you first start playing Hero TD – Ancient Continent.

As far as gameplay goes, Hero TD – Ancient Continent is easy to learn. The graphics are very sharp and impressive, almost rivaling other popular RPG games.

This is definitely a game that will take you a while to master, but it’s very fun to play. Even the storyline is humorous and interesting, which is also a huge plus.


Hero TD – Ancient Continent is loaded with tons of features, from an expansive map with 27 levels to 12 different guard heroes.

You can play on varying difficulty modes, as well, which is fantastic for both casual and serious RPG players. There are even hundreds of different gems and items to discover and use to customize your characters, meaning there are literally an endless number of ways for you to play through Hero TD – Ancient Continent.

There are also various game modes you can play in Hero TD – Ancient Continent, each yielding different and often better rewards. This is a great way to switch things up a bit and get a nice loot boost for your characters. There’s even a special competition arena for elite players to test their skill and builds.

Lastly, Hero TD – Ancient Continent is compatible with Google Play Games, so you can sign in and earn achievements while playing the game. For social Android gamers and those who love to earn achievements (like myself), this is definitely a plus.


Hero TD – Ancient Continent is available to download from Google Play for free, which is always a price you can’t beat. Overall, RPG fans should definitely give this game a try!

hero_td_-_ancient_continent.jpgHero TD – Ancient Continent requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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