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Get Your Texts, Alerts and Notifications on Your PC or Mac With Moaxis Free

Get Your Texts, Alerts and Notifications on Your PC or Mac With Moaxis

Price: Free
Moaxis – Text, Calls & Alerts
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Hate missing important messages and calls on your phone when you are busy at work? What if there was an app to easily forward these to your main computer screen, even letting you reply as needed, without having to rummage for your phone?

Enter Moaxis, from developer Moaxis Technologies! This free app is available on Android (iOS and Windows Mobile coming soon) and offers a neat way to never miss important phone notifications again.


Moaxis offers a swell way to get alerts and messages from your Android phone on your computer. You’ll need to set it up not only on your device but also on your Mac or PC (downloads on the main website).

Basically, once a call, alert, text message or similar notification appears on your phone, you get instantly notified. You can then respond to text messages from your computer (forget cramped smartphone typing, just use your keyboard).

Furthermore, you can adjust the notifications you get to keep from being overloaded, through custom filtering. I really liked the ability to keep my phone elsewhere while still getting my messages from it on my screen, with the Moaxis program running on my PC (Windows 7 or 8 and Surface supported).

The ability to block unwanted notifications from showing up on your PC was also pretty helpful, although I didn’t need to use it much. There is also a nice contact import feature that helped me keep my contact list backed up.

Keep in mind that Moaxis is still in Beta release; while several awesome features have been implemented, it still has a semi-rough feel around the edges. Furthermore, some of the most exciting features (call answering and placing calls through your computer) are still in the works, but the developer has promised them in the future, in addition to support for Chrome, Game console, Smart TV’s and more.


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Appearance and Layout

Moaxis looks very sharp on Android devices. The developers have gone with a black/grey/blue color scheme, giving is nice futuristic and professional vibe, which is very fitting with the role of Moaxis. Now, it bears keeping in mind that this app does take a little extra legwork to setup. Of course, this should be expected as it is a connection between your PC and your mobile device.

You will need to make accounts through the app (just requires email and password), then you will also need to download the software and install onto your desktop. It’s all pretty straightforward and the pay off is the alerts you will now receive on your PC!

Buttons and tabs in the app all are nicely placed and the “Dashboard” page helps you remember your connected devices.

Finally, I was impressed by the sweet walkthrough tutorial for Moaxis, both on the mobile device and when you install it on your computer – more apps need guides like this!


I am very impressed with Moaxis. It’s basically a call-forwarding/notification service that allows you to keep working on your computer, without having to constantly keep checking your phone.

I have had countless situations when this would have been very useful. While it is still in early development stages, I recommend users stick with it as the developers iron out the kinks and start adding more exciting features, such as the promised answer and place phone calls feature. Moaxis is definitely an app to watch!

qrcode.23154141Moaxis requires 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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