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Mobizen: Bringing Your Android With You (Everywhere You Are)

Mobizen: Bringing Your Android With You (Everywhere You Are)


Price: Free
Mobizen-Your Android, Anywhere
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Back in the early days of Android development, we were unbelievably envious of how well the iPhone integrated with other Apple products. It seemed so effortless to connect an iOS device to a Mac, Apple TV, Time Machine, etc. 

But then along came AirDroid, allowing us to use some of our phone’s features from our desk. It was a slow bit of software, though, and one that had plenty of holes in it. 

Now, we can put the whole issue to rest.  Mobizen is a brilliantly designed and unbelievably useful application from RSUPPORT Co. Ltd., It’s like Motorola Connect or AirDroid on steroids, allowing you to access your device from just about anywhere, and the ability to do just about anything with it. 

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Concept and Functionality 

If you’re not familiar with any of Mobizen’s predecessors, we’ll break it down for you here: The app allows you to access your Android phone from any computer, and almost any browser. Once you’ve installed the application on the target device, you simply login to your account, and you’re good to go. 

From Mobizen’s interface, you can perfectly mirror your phone. If you need to access your photos or videos on your Smart TV, for instance, just login and select your media. It’s quick, efficient, and functional for any part of your device. Want to play Angry Birds on your phone while at your computer at work? Boot up Mobizen! Need to send a text? Slap one together in seconds without getting up. 

Mobizen Android App

Mobizen Android App

There are two reasons why this is even cooler than you think. The first has to do with discretion. Because the PC tie-in application creates a small, stylish phone icon that can easily be hidden, you can access your phone at work without anyone knowing. 

Secondly, Mobizen works well with any connection type—4G, LTE, WiFi, USB, etc. No matter how you want to hook-in, it’s completely possible with Mobizen.

Design and Interface

Honestly, if they were to make Mobizen any easier to use, it’d have to come pre-bundled with Android itself. As is, it takes no more effort than installing the application from the Google Play Store, signing up for an account, and then using your phone anywhere using any connectivity method.

It really is that simple. 

Not to mention the fact that the interface you’ll be using is absolutely stellar. It features sharp lines, pitch-perfect device rendering, and a layout that leaves no ifs or buts laying about. We actually prefer using Mobizen for our photo / video management now, based solely on how effortless the interface is. 

Overall Value

Mobizen costs nothing, and will greatly increase the quality of your Android life. If you work at a desk all day like us, whether you need to hide your phone use or not, Mobizen will allow you to access your media like never before.

And if that’s not a good enough reason for you to jump on the Mobizen train, then we don’t know what is! The application is fantastic on the eyes, easy to use, and totally free.

That’s a winner to us!

MobizenMobizen requires Android  4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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One Comment

  1. This app started out great, really. It did exactly what I wanted. Which was to be able to remotely control my tablet without having to be in physical contact with it. Sadly they changed their security model recently and now you have to type a code into the tablet, making it impossible to use unless you have the device in hand or someone else does. First off, I don’t understand why they did this, second why won’t they undo it. If you look at their site they are getting more and more comments about this everyday. Like I said before this change, this app was great! Now 🙁

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